Avast Secure Browser – available for Mac

Sander van Hezik 21 Aug 2019

Our browser is now also available for Mac users in a version that blocks ads and protects against phishing

Mac users have often thought of their computers as a safe haven from many of the security threats that confront Windows users. This summer's Zoom video conferencing vulnerability and the Mac ransomware threats of 2016-2017 show that is no longer true. 

We listened to requests from Mac users for better protection online, and Avast has launched Avast Secure Browser. You can download the Mac version here. 

This version of Avast Secure Browser for Mac users significantly improves your experience when browsing the web as it automatically blocks ads, forces HTTPS encryption, protects you against phishing, tracking, and more.

Our goal is to give Mac users all the tools to easily manage and be in control of your online security. And we want your feedback on how we can make it the best protection for Mac users. Try it! And send your feedback through our forum.

Why do you need a secure browser for your Mac? Today you never know where you’ll encounter a cybersecurity threat – in an email, on a nefarious website, via a bad app? But blocking those things can mean juggling many tools. For Mac users, security has been even harder to piece together. Because most threats have targeted Windows users and Macs have some malware protection, security tools have often been produced sporadically. 

Avast recently launched the Zermatt release of our Secure Browser, giving PC users a performance boost. Now we are giving Mac users the same protection and performance.  

Download Avast Secure Browser for Mac today. 

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