Surf the web more securely with the latest version of Avast Secure Browser, called Aspen.

Sander van Hezik 16 Apr 2019

Protect yourself with the latest anti-fingerprinting, webcam protection, and instant Hack Check features when you update Avast Secure Browser to version 73.0.

How often do you sit at your computer without a browser window open? If you’re like us, the answer is never. If we’re on our machines, there is always at least one window open to the wilds of the internet. That’s why we created Avast Secure Browser — we realized it would be a good idea to frontload that window to the internet with tools to protect your privacy, strengthen your security, and – because we just couldn’t help ourselves – amp up your speed.

A common concern that most users share today is how much they are tracked online. Your browser has a fingerprint, just like you do. And, your fingerprint can be used by companies to track everything you do online. To minimize your fingerprint, you need to know what a fingerprint is and what is collected so that you can do something about it.


What is a browser fingerprint?

A fingerprint is a compilation of various settings and aspects of your browser, including:

  • List of installed plugins
  • List of available fonts
  • Browser type and version
  • Time zone
  • Screen resolution
  • Screen color depth
  • Cookie settings
  • Do Not Track settings
  • Local storage settings
  • Session storage settings
  • HTML Canvas element rendering data
  • WebGL rendering data
  • AdBlock presence
  • User agent
  • Request header(s)

Although many users share some of the same individual properties, when you combine them all for one user, it becomes a unique “fingerprint” for that person — especially the Canvas Rendering data which adds significant uniqueness. So, with version 73.0, we have gone next-level when it comes to fingerprinting.

How does Avast Anti-Fingerprint technology prevent browser fingerprinting?

Our updated Anti-Fingerprinting feature in Aspen masks the most identifiably unique aspects of your browser, rendering your fingerprint generic and making it harder for companies to track you. In short, it protects your privacy by making you less identifiable.   

We’re constantly updating Avast Secure Browser, and we’re very proud to introduce our newest version, Aspen. We’ve upgraded your digital life by giving you the very latest weapons against cybercrime and tracking.

New features included in the Aspen release:

Webcam Guard

You should only grant webcam permission to websites you absolutely trust. Our new feature Webcam Guard is on your side, making sure nothing accesses your webcam without your approval first. With Webcam Guard, you also have the option of granting sites temporary permission to your webcam, so you can know exactly when they no longer have access. With this wider range of control over how websites connect to your camera, you don’t have to worry about finding a sticky note to cover it every time you turn on your machine.


Hack Check

When data breaches occur, the exposed information always lands on lists that are bought and sold on the dark web. Avast has detected millions of these stolen passwords, and we’ve aggregated them in our ever-growing database. Our brand-new feature Hack Check, premiering in the Aspen update, gives you a button right on your browser that can instantly alert you in the event that you’re hacked. If you’re ever worried, simply enter your email address, and in mere seconds learn if you’re good, or if you need to change your passwords immediately.  


Aspen also gives you other essential tools that make Avast Secure Browser so powerful, including privacy features like Anti-Tracking, Stealth Mode, and Adblock (which reduces the volume of annoying ads and speeds up your browsing); plus security features like Bank Mode and Anti-Phishing.

security-and-privacy-center-aspen-release-2-1We believe everyone deserves the right to retain control of their privacy, identity, and personal data. Plus, the internet is much more enjoyable when you know those things are safe. Current users will be automatically updated to the Aspen release.  If you don’t yet have Avast Secure Browser, learn more here and download it for free today.

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