Avast Secure Browser boosts performance

Sander van Hezik 25 Jul 2019

Our new release saves memory, extends battery life, and automatically checks to see if your password has been stolen.

Your browser is a doorway to the internet, and it needs to be guarded. With all the tracking and targeting and phishing and faking that occurs on a daily basis, you need a browser that filters out the bad and fights off the dangerous. Avast Secure Browser gives you all the tools to easily manage and be in control of your online security. 

Download the new Avast Secure Browser for free here.

The Zermatt release, named after the beautiful Swiss mountain town, is a major update for Avast Secure Browser. It significantly improves performance by using less memory and extending battery life, and it updates existing critical features with security-bolstering upgrades. 

Enhanced performance

Increase your capabilities by smartly managing your resources with the new ‘Performance Manager.’ Future versions of Avast Secure Browser will add more Performance Manager tools, and the Zermatt release starts you off with the first two performance-improving functions.

Browse faster with improved tab management


Supercharge your browser for an even faster browsing experience with the ‘Optimize RAM and CPU’ feature. You can have as many tabs opened as you like. Avast Secure Browser will manage them for you. Tabs that lay dormant for an amount of time you specify will be automatically suspended in the background, reducing the demand on CPU and RAM by as much as half. This gives your active tabs and apps more engine power to function smoothly. In initial benchmarking tests, the browser with this feature turned on used about half as much memory as without.

Browse up to 20% longer


Prolong your laptop battery life by up to 20% with the ‘Extend battery life’ feature. When your laptop is running on battery power, it suspends inactive browser tabs. You can enable this feature and when it should kick in from the ‘Performance Manager’ controls in your settings.

Receive automatic alerts if you are involved in a data breach

We’ve integrated our ‘Hack Check’ feature directly into the browser. Now, whenever you enter login credentials to any site, ‘Hack Check’ automatically checks those credentials against the Avast database of data breaches. If you’re ever involved in a breach or if your passwords are too weak, you’ll be notified. 

Blend in with the crowd with new Anti-Fingerprinting features

To keep you from being targeted and tracked, we’ve upgraded our ‘Anti-Fingerprinting’ feature with several new techniques that help homogenize your fingerprint. Instead of your system’s actual values, these new methods return randomized values that mask your fingerprint without impacting your experience. The update adds protection against:

  • Audio Fingerprinting – Identifying the computer’s sound hardware 
  • Device Fingerprinting – Using the computer’s API to identify which multimedia devices you have
  • WebGL Fingerprinting – Collecting information about the computer’s graphical system
  • Rendering Fingerprinting – Similar to WebGL Fingerprinting, this tactic also makes use of the individual features of the computer’s graphical system

While our researchers constantly add new security features to protect you against cyberattacks, we also work diligently to make the tech as lightweight as possible so your system is secure AND delivers excellent performance. The Zermatt release is designed to do just that. If you’re not yet using Avast Secure Browser, you can download it for free and start your more secure online experience with the browser built by security experts. Read more on the Avast Newsroom here

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