Do you expect more from your browser?

Charlotte Empey 2 Jul 2018

A survey of 10,000 people illustrates how Avast Secure Browser has everything you want and need in a web browser today.

What do you want from your browser? These days, we all spend more time online than ever before, so it’s not a bad idea to take a closer look at the tools we use to surf the web. In today’s digital world of large-scale cybercrime, weekly ransomware attacks, and nonstop phishing, it’s time to upgrade these magic windows to the web with some more relevant and timely features. That’s why we created Avast Secure Browser — everything you need to surf online safely in this new and sophisticated technological age.

As cybersecurity experts who block over 1.5 billion attacks a month, we have a good idea of what today’s browsers need, but we wanted to hear from you on the topic as well. So we took a survey of 10,000 consumers, asking them to share their browser habits and expectations with us. Here’s what we learned.


By far, the most frequently used browser is Google Chrome, according to 56% of those surveyed. Firefox came in second place with 21%, and the remainder, including Internet Explorer, Opera, and Edge, comprised 11% or under.

When asked what it is about the browser of their choice that they enjoy, the most popular answer was “ease of use.” And who can blame them? We’re a busy society, logging online dozens of times a day for various reasons. We want the process to be so simple that we don’t have to think about it. Get in, get out, no drama.

At Avast, we do not disagree with that sentiment or that need. But there is no reason security has to suffer in the name of an easy user experience. You can have both. In fact, a whopping 96% majority do indeed feel their browser should include more robust security, such as detection of malicious extensions, malware, and adware.

The survey results also shed some light on the confusion a lot of consumers share on certain subtopics. For instance, while 78% consider third-party browser extensions to be potentially harmful, 64% admit to using them. And while 81% state they have never heard of cryptojacking, 94% say they are worried about it. Meanwhile, 77% expect that their browser will alert them should any cryptojacking malware be introduced to the system.

Privacy emerged as the #1 concern users have as they browse online, with 93% worrying about third parties tracking them. This data makes sense, as tracking cookies are rampant on the web, with everyone from advertisers to criminals trying to get a full picture of who you are, what your vulnerabilities are, and how they can make money off of you.

In response to all these concerns, we proudly offer Avast Secure Browser, an easy-to-use browser that gives you all the speed and online tools you want in addition to all the security and privacy you need. Download Avast Secure Browser today and take control of your digital life.

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