The 5 Vs of big data for machine learning

How Avast uses big data and machine learning to protect you

16 Aug 2017 min read

DEF CON may be over, but the challenge is still on

Avast opens its Roman-pirate themed crypto challenge to the public

11 Aug 2017 min read

The DEF CON ocean is too loud today, so listen here

Avast reveals prize and audio for its crypto challenge at DEF CON 25.

28 Jul 2017 min read

The Ides of DEF CON: The inside scoop on the (best) unofficial electronic badge at DEF CON 25

A hacker conference is the perfect place for ... hackable badges. For DEF CON 25, Avast got behind John Adams and his team’s creation, available today.

27 Jul 2017 min read

The one year anniversary of the No More Ransom Project

Avast is an associate partner of the No More Ransom Project, providing free ransomware decryption tools.

25 Jul 2017 min read

Pirates at DEF CON, Avast! Listen to the Roman lighthouse siren!

Crypto challenge from Avast awaits you with the electronic badge at DEF CON 2017 this week in Vegas.

21 Jul 2017 min read

Welcome Piriform to Avast!

Avast welcomes Piriform, creator of CCleaner, to its team.

19 Jul 2017 min read

Avast blocked WannaCry ransomware more than 1 million times in 150 countries worldwide

Avast’s zero-day protection defended more than a million potential WannaCry victims. But on any given day, we block 100 times that many attacks, of all kinds.

3 Jun 2017 min read

Avast security ambassador Garry Kasparov speaking at 2017 re:publica

Kasparov will discuss power and propaganda in the global, digital age with Claudio Guarnieri of Citizen Lab and Amnesty International.

7 May 2017 min read

Collision 2017: Avast CEO addressing the dark side of the IoT

Avast CEO Vince Steckler to explore the dangers of using smart devices whose security isn't smart enough, putting your personal data at risk, at Collision 2017.

2 May 2017 min read

Avast joins No More Ransom project as associate partner

Avast joins No More Ransom as an associate partner to help ransomware victims decrypt their files.

4 Apr 2017 min read

Avast awarded for employee friendly working environment

Happy employees and an innovative workspace earn Avast two prestigious awards.

20 Mar 2017 min read

Avast at Machine Learning Prague 2017

Avast technology is part of the next-gen artificial intelligence revolution.

16 Mar 2017 min read
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