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Avast at Machine Learning Prague 2017

Jana Tomášiková 16 Mar 2017

Avast technology is part of the next-gen artificial intelligence revolution.

Machines can learn incredibly fast. Faster than us, actually. They are already changing our world, our business, and our life. Avast, as a part of the artificial intelligence revolution, is proud to be a gold partner of Machine Learning Prague 2017, held from April 21st to April 23rd in Prague, Czech Republic.

Avast Threat Labs experts Martin Balek, Adam Hanka, Monika Seidlova, Ondrej Svec, and Tomas Trnka will be at the conference talking about machine learning in malware detection, specifically about the paradigm of zero FPR.

"This paradigm means that we want to be as sure as possible that we do not produce false detections," explains Balek.

The one-day workshop offers a theoretical look at various algorithms used in malware detection and provides participants with hands-on experience in designing such algorithms based on a real-world dataset extracted from over 200,000 malware and benign software samples. The practical part of the conference will be organized as a hackathon-like competition where the most efficient malware detection pipeline based on machine learning wins!

Martin Vejmelka, one of the conference’s principal speakers, will present a machine learning system developed in Avast for rapid, repeated training of a hierarchical model on a massive database of files. This hierarchical model works by partitioning the space of executable files into clusters and automatically trains separate local models in each cluster, leveraging both CPU and GPU training.

Machine Learning Prague's goal is to foster discussion between machine learning practictioners and people who are interested int the applicatins of modern trends in artificial intelligence.