Collision 2017: Avast CEO addressing the dark side of the IoT

Natasha Pearce 2 May 2017

Avast CEO Vince Steckler to explore the dangers of using smart devices whose security isn't smart enough, putting your personal data at risk, at Collision 2017.

IoT just doesn’t stand for the Internet of Things. It also means the Insecurity of Things. As we race to create new technological innovations, the lack of security for all our “smart” devices isn’t getting as much attention as it should, at our peril. How can we ensure today’s and tomorrow’s connected things don’t make our lives easier by costing us our privacy, safety, and security?

Today’s manufacturers routinely fail to take security into account when they build many of our favorite smart appliances (TVs, thermostats, even toys), leaving the door wide open for cyber criminals to watch what we do and steal our personal data. These unsecured IoT devices can even be used to control what goes on in our homes – and others’ – from thousands of miles away.

So, how can you protect yourself from the dangers of the “Insecurity” of Things? Do you know what information your devices collect and what’s being done with it? Tomorrow, on 3 May 2017, Avast CEO Vince Steckler will speak at Collision 2017 to address the real, lasting, often overlooked impact the Internet of Things has on your privacy, as well as the industry’s role in and responsibility for making sure IoT innovation has security at its core.

Using a live demonstration, Vince will prove just how easy it is for cyber criminals to access insecure devices, and the damage they can cause.

Join the live stream conversation tomorrow at 2 PM CDT to learn more about the risks you face every time you use your favorite smart devices.

Image: Alex Jodoin

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