Cybersecurity threatscape: Bigger and badder than ever

The Bad Guys, including malicious and careless insiders, continue to raise the cybersecurity stakes with existing and emerging threats.

23 Jan 2017 min read

Shadow IT and 'No' versus 'Know'

Shadow IT has the potential to transform IT from 'too little, too late' to 'business enablement.'

18 Jan 2017 min read

Creating a culture of cybersecurity at work

People, along with tools and processes, are key to effective cybersecurity. But without the appropriate training and education they can pose the biggest threat.

15 Jan 2017 min read

Phishing attacks at their highest in 2016

People are your best defense against phishing attacks and other cybercrimes, but you must educate them or they can be your greatest vulnerability.

28 Dec 2016 min read

How to provide better Windows 10 security

Microsoft’s most popular OS, Windows 10, is also very popular with cybercriminals, requiring additional security measures to maximize your protection.

23 Dec 2016 min read

Consumers and businesses still need antivirus software

Despite advances in OS and browser security, antivirus software is still the best defense against cybercriminals who exploit computers and mobile devices.

30 Nov 2016 min read

Kevin Chapman joins as new SMB General Manager

Kevin Chapman, Avast's new GM of our SMB business unit, will drive results for our Avast business customers and channel partners.

22 Nov 2016 min read

Cybersecurity: SMBs at greater risk [infographic]

When it comes to cybersecurity, SMBs are even more vulnerable than enterprises, with less resources to combat internal and external threats.

6 Oct 2016 min read

Data breaches are the new normal [infographic]

Internal and external threats proliferate and evolve, challenging businesses large and small.

28 Sep 2016 min read

Cybersecurity is a process, not a one-time solution

Effective cybersecurity addresses 5 core functions in a holistic manner which evolve with the threat environment.

20 Sep 2016 min read

Back-to-school security tips for IT admins [infographic]

Locking down school environments is virtually impossible with BYOD and BYOA, so school administrators need best practices to secure their students and staff.

29 Aug 2016 min read

What businesses can learn about cybersecurity from season one of Mr. Robot

Avast takes a look at the hacks from season one of Mr. Robot and explains what businesses can learn from them.

12 Jul 2016 min read

3 things every employee needs to know about online security

The best security programs in the world cannot protect your company's network from employees who are ignorant of cybersecurity practices.

25 Apr 2016 min read
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