Watch out for browser-in-the-browser attacks

Detecting these phishing lures isn’t easy and proves that you can’t be too careful when asked for your account credentials.

23 Mar 2022 min read

Staying safe online in wartime

Learn how to keep your system safe from hacks and cybercrimes related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

21 Mar 2022 min read

Cyber threats and the Ukraine conflict

A rundown of cyber threats emerging from the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

18 Mar 2022 min read

New DDoS does 4 billion times the damage

Plus, two blasts from the past return – Emotet and Spectre.

11 Mar 2022 min read

The state of crypto crime

The criminal crypto world combines old and new ways to manipulate markets.

10 Mar 2022 min read

DDoS hacktivism: A highly risky exercise

Ensuring your security while using these tools is difficult to achieve, and by participating in these actions, you risk your privacy.

4 Mar 2022 min read

Nvidia allegedly hacks back

Plus, TeaBot returns to steep you in malware and Google explores the potential of radar.

4 Mar 2022 min read

Avast Threat Labs warns against joining in DDoS attacks in aid of Ukraine

"Simple tools" allow regular people to participate in DDoS attacks in aid of Ukraine. But these tools are not safe, say Avast Threat Labs researchers.

1 Mar 2022 min read

IRS offers non-biometric option

Plus, New York builds a statewide cybersecurity hub and Amazon cracks down on fake reviews.

25 Feb 2022 min read

Scam email campaign masquerading as Avast sales team

Whenever you come across a phishing attempt, report it to the proper authorities to protect both yourself and others.

23 Feb 2022 min read

Many of the world’s elders avoid the internet due to lack of support

Our survey participants give multiple reasons for not using the internet, and the majority believes that they don’t need it.

23 Feb 2022 min read

A 2022 update on data privacy legislation

It's clear that privacy regulations will continue to be somewhat of a patchwork quilt.

23 Feb 2022 min read

What’s new with NFTs in 2022?

We’re here to provide a basic recap on what NFTs are and to catch you up to speed on related updates in 2022.

21 Feb 2022 min read
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