How to become a white hat hacker: An interview with a cybersecurity hero

Making sure the future of security is simple and accessible to everyone is one of Baloo’s main missions as a cybersecurity hero.

23 May 2022 min read

The biggest financial scams of 2022

Learn how to protect yourself – and your cash – from the dirtiest tricks on the web.

23 May 2022 min read

Here comes digital product placement

Plus, real-time bidding makes billions and Apple lets apps raise subscription prices.

20 May 2022 min read

Just because your iPhone is powered off doesn’t mean it can’t be attacked

The better we understand how adversaries can eavesdrop on our phones, the more confidence we can have in our privacy. 

19 May 2022 min read

Google announces new security and privacy improvements at Google I/O

It's encouraging that Google is recognizing that users care about privacy. However, user data is still ultimately a product being sold to advertisers.

16 May 2022 min read

Show off your NFT on Instagram

Plus more news bytes, like Costa Rica’s ransomware emergency and the White House’s deep dive into quantum computing.

13 May 2022 min read

The real exchange rate between crypto and freedom

Listen to Garry Kasparov talk with Avast CISO Jaya Baloo on how private-sector cybersecurity and cryptocurrencies will shape the future of privacy.

12 May 2022 min read

Which phishing scams are trending in 2022?

Be aware of dangerous phishing scams, including sugar daddy scams, sextortion emails, and more.

11 May 2022 min read

Deepfake threats are getting real

Plus, the return of REvil and the largest HTTPS DDoS attack ever.

6 May 2022 min read

The U.S. government wants to expand the use of social media for immigration vetting

“This is the kind of policy we ordinarily associate with authoritarian states, not open societies. It does a disservice to our democratic values.”

3 May 2022 min read

Will Elon Musk follow the rules?

Plus, Google Play offers a new “data privacy” app descriptor, and the metaverse just might reshape manufacturing.

29 Apr 2022 min read

How Elon Musk can securely achieve his mission of authenticating Twitter users

Elon Musk doesn’t need to know WHO the millions of Twitter users are — just that we’re not unverified bots.

28 Apr 2022 min read

Obama on strengthening our democracy and reforming social media

Obama discussed the role of government in online technologies, the relationship between democracy and tech companies, and the role of digital media to elevate authoritarian rulers.

26 Apr 2022 min read
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