Vishing scams are on the rise and Interpol is cracking down

If you don’t think you should trust someone or a link you received, trust your instinct. It’s far better to be safe than a victim of a vishing scam.

23 Jun 2022 min read

RSocks criminal botnet taken down

RSocks compromised its victims by brute forcing attacks on various IoT devices as well as smartphones and computers.

22 Jun 2022 min read

Meta bridges 2D and 3D with Crayta

Plus, Adobe patches 46 flaws and Australia mandates the “Essential Eight”.

17 Jun 2022 min read

Do free countries have more digital wellbeing?

As the world becomes more digital, issues like digital wellbeing and digital citizenship are increasingly important.

17 Jun 2022 min read

Russian disinformation spreading across the globe

Disinformation on the internet is global — that's the fundamental challenge with stopping it.

17 Jun 2022 min read

Consensus 2022 panel: Is Web 3.0 more hype or reality?

Exploring the evolution of self-sovereign data and Web 3.0 identity solutions.

15 Jun 2022 min read

How the US government deals with zero-days

While withholding a zero-day’s existence can provide some government advantage, it can potentially harm the rest of us and break many elements of the global internet if vulnerabilities aren’t disclosed and patched.

13 Jun 2022 min read

Be on alert for Karakurt

Plus, Flubot gets beat, DogWalk gets curbed, and Evil Corp tries to hide.

10 Jun 2022 min read

Supply chain scams pull no punches

Learn how to protect your business from the three worst freight forwarding scams.

31 May 2022 min read

Key takeaways from Verizon's 2022 data breach report

This year's DBIR offers practical advice on improving your security posture and tips for making yourself much less of a target.

30 May 2022 min read

Pre-hijacking attacks on social media

Plus, gift registry accounts are hacked and digital driver’s licenses are forged.

27 May 2022 min read

How license plate scanners challenge our data privacy

There's a massive amount of data in private hands and without sufficient controls by the government.

25 May 2022 min read

Microsoft research reveals the changing face of skimming

From exploitation to obfuscation, attackers are flipping the script on what we know about web skimming campaigns.

25 May 2022 min read
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