The rise of the privacy industry

Gaining insight into how industries are investing into privacy using data from the Diffbot Knowledge Graph

9 Feb 2022 min read

What's the deal with Google Topics?

At first glance, this initiative seems like a win for privacy advocates. But how will things pan out over time?

1 Feb 2022 min read

Privacy policies are hard to read

Taking a look at some of the best and worst privacy policies in terms of overall readability

26 Jan 2022 min read

Dare to dream: A new way to advertise online

It will take time and determination to force change in data collection practices — nevertheless, it's an issue worth fighting for

24 Jan 2022 min read

Discussing NSA leaks and recent state activities with Edward Snowden

Observing the changes that have taken place in the privacy landscape and how they affect today’s society

10 Jan 2022 min read

How does your location affect your online privacy?

Each country and region has its own notion of online privacy and approach to structuring a privacy policy

5 Jan 2022 min read

Has the surveillance technology industry found another powerful ally?

Surveillance and spying is not only taking place against enemies of the respective governments, but on citizens as well

9 Dec 2021 min read

Vaccine passports that protect privacy are possible

It’s our job as consumers — and as privacy advocates — to make sure that any solutions we adopt protect both our privacy and our health

30 Nov 2021 min read

Everything you need to know about cookies

A guide to internet cookies and how you can control them

25 Nov 2021 min read

A guide to protecting your privacy online

Privacy is a non-renewable resource — once you give up details, they can remain available to all sorts of bad actors

25 Nov 2021 min read

What does Facebook's facial recognition shutdown mean for its users?

Facebook’s motivation for this decision remains unclear, but it's expected that this will result in the deletion of biometric data of over 1 billion people

8 Nov 2021 min read

Anonymization vs. pseudonymization: The lingering data risk

Make sure you’re aware of the types of data you share with companies and how it will be used

29 Sep 2021 min read

The dangers of government use of biometric data

The adoption of biometric data usage by governments opens the door to a dystopian future

17 Sep 2021 min read