What does your EufyLife smart scale know about you?

Eufy’s business model is mostly based around selling devices, not data

9 Mar 2021 min read

An update on data privacy and protection legislation

When it comes to updating data privacy laws, here's what's happening at the state level

9 Mar 2021 min read

What does Noom know about you?

Is the Noom weight loss app worth it?

2 Mar 2021 min read

Stalkerware won't keep your kids safe

Why focusing on developing critical thinking skills instead of fear-mongering is paramount

24 Feb 2021 min read

Ever wondered what MyFitnessPal knows about you?

MyFitnessPal generally uses data to deliver the services they’re promising — with a few exceptions

23 Feb 2021 min read

Helsinki becomes the first city to employ new open-source data trust network

MyData Global is on a mission to enable more privacy-focused societies across the globe

19 Feb 2021 min read

Here's what your MyHeritage DNA testing kit reveals about you

What are the broader implications of a DNA testing company having access to both your DNA and online data?

17 Feb 2021 min read

Clubhouse: Security and privacy in the new social media app

Taking an in-depth look at the the trendy, invite-only audio chat platform

15 Feb 2021 min read

Dating is private, but it doesn't mean that your privacy is protected

Looking through dating apps and connected sex toys featured in Mozilla's *Privacy Not Included buyer's guide

11 Feb 2021 min read

Here's what your Fitbit knows about you

Ensure that you're comfortable with the exchange of data for Fitbit's service

19 Jan 2021 min read

Should we require governments to share their data with the public by default?

Here's how we could adopt a radical shift in thinking about open government data

18 Jan 2021 min read

What’s up with WhatsApp

Is now the time to move your messaging elsewhere?

18 Jan 2021 min read

The role of privacy regulation

The relationship between regulators and the regulated is founded on cooperation, not fines

14 Jan 2021 min read
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