Facebook's new dating service sparks privacy concerns

Before you jump on the Sparked bandwagon, take these privacy concerns into consideration

6 May 2021 min read

Here's what your iRobot knows about you

In addition to learning how to keep your home clean, here's what your smart mop does with your data

4 May 2021 min read

What does your Google Nest thermostat do with your data? 

Here's our full data privacy scan of the popular IoT gadget

27 Apr 2021 min read

I went to Nordstrom and all I got was this lousy tracking device

Here's what privacy-savvy consumers should know about NFC notifications and RFID tags

26 Apr 2021 min read

Are background checks on Tinder actually a good move?

The tech landscape is littered with good intentions that can have serious, long-lasting negative consequences

21 Apr 2021 min read

Here's what your Amazon Echo knows about you

How thoroughly do you want Amazon inside your home?

20 Apr 2021 min read

The Facebook data leak: What you should do today

Attackers have found ways to counter SMS-based codes, and their attacks are getting both easier and cheaper

7 Apr 2021 min read

7 apps you don't think are stalkerware but actually are

The following apps can potentially be used against you — here's how to handle them

18 Mar 2021 min read

Which details do we give to tech companies about our cardiovascular systems?

Many tech companies are part of a bigger “cardiovascular system” that is the internet

16 Mar 2021 min read

What does your EufyLife smart scale know about you?

Eufy’s business model is mostly based around selling devices, not data

9 Mar 2021 min read

An update on data privacy and protection legislation

When it comes to updating data privacy laws, here's what's happening at the state level

9 Mar 2021 min read

What does Noom know about you?

Is the Noom weight loss app worth it?

2 Mar 2021 min read

Stalkerware won't keep your kids safe

Why focusing on developing critical thinking skills instead of fear-mongering is paramount

24 Feb 2021 min read
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