FTC issues first ban ever on a stalkerware company

Activists applaud the ban as a great first step toward protecting survivors

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The privacy dilemma

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Is storing a digital driver’s license on your phone a good idea?

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Is Google's FLoC a solution to user privacy concerns?

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Amazon's "Just Walk Out" tech: Should you just walk away?

So-called "Just Walk Out" stores and technology take the collection of shopper data to the next level

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How to read a privacy policy

Before handing over your personal information, reading through certain parts of privacy policies is a small — but important — way to take back some of your digital identity

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Do online dating profiles delete your data?

What happens when you stop using an online dating site or app? Do online dating services delete your data?

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Facebook's new dating service sparks privacy concerns

Before you jump on the Sparked bandwagon, take these privacy concerns into consideration

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Here's what your iRobot knows about you

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What does your Google Nest thermostat do with your data? 

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I went to Nordstrom and all I got was this lousy tracking device

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Are background checks on Tinder actually a good move?

The tech landscape is littered with good intentions that can have serious, long-lasting negative consequences

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