Everything you need to know about cookies

A guide to internet cookies and how you can control them

25 Nov 2021 min read

A guide to protecting your privacy online

Privacy is a non-renewable resource — once you give up details, they can remain available to all sorts of bad actors

25 Nov 2021 min read

What does Facebook's facial recognition shutdown mean for its users?

Facebook’s motivation for this decision remains unclear, but it's expected that this will result in the deletion of biometric data of over 1 billion people

8 Nov 2021 min read

Anonymization vs. pseudonymization: The lingering data risk

Make sure you’re aware of the types of data you share with companies and how it will be used

29 Sep 2021 min read

The dangers of government use of biometric data

The adoption of biometric data usage by governments opens the door to a dystopian future

17 Sep 2021 min read

FTC issues first ban ever on a stalkerware company

Activists applaud the ban as a great first step toward protecting survivors

2 Sep 2021 min read

The privacy dilemma

We believe it’s time to rethink and reinvent a new, privacy-first internet advertising model

11 Aug 2021 min read

Apple debuts new "child protection" features; advocates call out possible unintended risks

Apple wants to protect children online. But could there be unintended consequences?

6 Aug 2021 min read

Is storing a digital driver’s license on your phone a good idea?

Moving to an entirely digital wallet makes a lost or stolen phone an even bigger headache

20 Jul 2021 min read

Is Google's FLoC a solution to user privacy concerns?

Although FLoC is designed to provide users with increased privacy, experts are concerned that it will have the opposite effect

12 Jul 2021 min read

Amazon's "Just Walk Out" tech: Should you just walk away?

So-called "Just Walk Out" stores and technology take the collection of shopper data to the next level

23 Jun 2021 min read

How to read a privacy policy

Before handing over your personal information, reading through certain parts of privacy policies is a small — but important — way to take back some of your digital identity

17 Jun 2021 min read

Do online dating profiles delete your data?

What happens when you stop using an online dating site or app? Do online dating services delete your data?

3 Jun 2021 min read
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