Is this website safe? Your complete website safety check guide

Avoid malicious sites by learning how to verify if a website is safe to ensure safe online browsing. These three tips show you how.

24 Jul 2018 min read

Three new threats at large and one thrown behind bars

SamSam ransomware, Mylobot malware, and a new Netflix phishing scam top today’s potential threats.

22 Jun 2018 min read

Amazon hacked for Ethereum heist and new security laws affect UK

AWS was hijacked for 2 hours, NIS takes effect in UK, and Webstresser gets busted.

27 Apr 2018 min read

Key vulnerabilities: devices and people

Cybercrime goes after these two primary attack surfaces of SMBs - Devices & People. These key vulnerabilities are critical in keeping your business secure.

22 Mar 2018 min read

Five endpoint threats affecting small businesses

This cybersecurity guide aims to help small business owners protect their companies against endpoint threats by arming them with appropriate knowledge. Below is a step-by-step introduction to cybercrime followed by our list of the top five endpoint threats affecting small businesses.

19 Mar 2018 min read

Greedy cybercriminals host malware on GitHub

Cryptocurrency mining malware, which also installs a malicious Chrome extension, hosted on GitHub for anyone to download.

13 Mar 2018 min read

Avast channel partners provide top security predictions for 2018

From sophisticated ransomware and phishing schemes to increased compliance and GDPR challenges, partners share their thoughts

21 Dec 2017 min read

Plenty of Phishing

Know how to detect and outsmart any phishing scam.

12 Aug 2017 min read

Don’t get hooked by today’s phishing scams: What we can learn from the Gmail hack

Email scams are more sophisticated than ever, but Avast tells you how to outwit the tricks criminal phishers like to dangle.

14 Jul 2017 min read

Phishing attacks at their highest in 2016

People are your best defense against phishing attacks and other cybercrimes, but you must educate them or they can be your greatest vulnerability.

28 Dec 2016 min read

Spam alert in iPhone calendars: What are the risks?

Cybercrooks target iPhone users with annoying iCloud calendar spam.

2 Dec 2016 min read

When ads go bad: Spotify ads served malicious content to free users

Even mainstream platforms like Spotify aren't foolproof against malvertising, as was shown by the provider's recent encounter with malicious ads.

7 Oct 2016 min read

7 potential explanations behind the DNC email leak

How could a team of hackers have gotten access to DNC emails? Filip Chytry discusses seven potential security gaps that could explain the recent DNC email leak.

26 Jul 2016 min read