Lithuanian scam artist teaches Google and Facebook a 122 million dollar lesson

What can we learn from the man who stole $122 million from Google and Facebook without them even noticing?

29 Mar 2019 min read

The Menacing 7: Today’s worst social media scams

Learn to recognize and avoid the most common malicious schemes terrorizing newsfeeds everywhere.

24 Mar 2019 min read

Malware with more might and other weekly security news

An infamous cybergang, a notorious botnet, and new phishing scams continue to do their best to ruin your day.

22 Mar 2019 min read

Watch out for these “Brexit” scams

Phishers and other scammers are using Brexit as bait — don’t get caught in their net.

20 Mar 2019 min read

It’s tax season! How scammers try to fool you

Phishing tricks to be wary of, and 7 tips to protect yourself from scams when filing taxes.

16 Mar 2019 min read

Phishing scam fakes Facebook

This tricky scam is at large and fooling iOS users — stay alert and don’t fall for it.

13 Mar 2019 min read

New cybersecurity tools take a bite out of cybercrime

Chronicle teams up with Avast on a new platform and the NSA gives a gift to the cybersecurity community plus more security news.

8 Mar 2019 min read

Triple breach week

Not one, not two, but three data breaches this some real bad ads.

22 Feb 2019 min read

This week: Sneaky malware, fishy phish, and more

Windows malware attacks Macs, a strange phishing scam arises, 617M stolen accounts are for sale, and Trump wants more AI.

15 Feb 2019 min read

Hackers target SMBs in supply chain to US Power Grid

Hackers have learned that to aim for the big guys, they need to compromise the little guys.

29 Jan 2019 min read

A scam, a scheme, a breach,, some GOOD news!

Adware bundles laced with ransomware, your license plate could be online, new phishing scheme uses voicemail, and cybersecurity superheroes do good work.

28 Jan 2019 min read

Phishy scams, malicious memes, and a big payday for hackers

Stay safe by avoiding the Three Questions phishing scam quiz and the hacked Click2Gov payment portal.

21 Dec 2018 min read

10 tips to protect against an email hack

Email accounts are hacked every day. Follow these simple tips to keep yours protected.

11 Dec 2018 min read