Avast detects and protects users from malware targeting banks, Netflix

Avast protected nearly 27,000 users since the beginning of this year from more than 155,000 infection attempts made by Guildma malware

24 Jul 2019 min read

Is your small business being targeted by supply chain hackers?

Find out how to protect your business from being the weak security link in the digital supply chain

23 Jul 2019 min read

Avast blocks millions of attempts in Brazil to send users to malicious websites

Phony websites were part of a cybercrime ploy to hijack traffic away from companies including Netflix and large banks

11 Jul 2019 min read

Top secrets revealed in new Avast-sponsored exhibit at London Science Museum

Never before seen artifacts can now be spied for the very first time at the Science Museum in London.

10 Jul 2019 min read

Europol coordinates arrests of six in $28 million crypto scam

‘Typosquatting’ scam swiped users’ credentials, but agencies tracked suspects in the UK and the Netherlands

29 Jun 2019 min read

Evernote vulnerability puts data of 4.6M users at risk

Radiohead, the FBI, and a new threat called GoldBrute round out the cybersecurity news of the week

14 Jun 2019 min read

Can hacking of the 2020 elections be prevented?

Officials and citizen watchdogs are working to prevent hacking of the 2020 elections. But can they do enough?

27 May 2019 min read

Closing the cybercrime superstore and more news of the week

Europol busts an international cyber syndicate; spyware infects WhatsApp; Forbes online subscribers get hacked; and Zombieload rises.

17 May 2019 min read

The Supply Chain; aka the Hacker Food Chain

Could you be the weak link for hackers?

13 May 2019 min read

Robocall scams driving you crazy? Here's how to fight back

Hounded by weird robocalls? Learn how to respond to calls from scammers with our list of the latest tips and tools.

7 May 2019 min read

Romance and confidence fraud: Cybercrime’s $363 million secret

FBI expert tells the Avast Blog about fraud related to social media and dating sites, the second-costliest type of cybercrime

29 Apr 2019 min read

The palace of malice and other weekly news

Learn why TajMahal is the scariest malware yet, why net neutrality still has hope, why Yahoo is forking over $117M, and why a 24-year-old London student is going to jail.

12 Apr 2019 min read

Tech support scams: Tips to protect yourself

Learn how to spot, avoid, and protect yourself from the worst tech support scams.

9 Apr 2019 min read