Fitness fakes, cannabis confusion, and Facebook under fire

Phony apps, a list of 50,000 victims to be phished, and a pot store’s data breach top this week’s security news.

7 Dec 2018 min read

Advances in visual phishing detection

Protect yourself from phishing scams with these best practices and our improved phishing detection AI.

27 Nov 2018 min read

Facebook hacked again, WordPress sites at risk and Nordstrom employee data exposed

User data exposed through multiple cyberattacks on Facebook, WordPress, Nordstrom and more

16 Nov 2018 min read

Hackers Target Bitcoin and USCYBERCOM Shares Malware | Avast

Hackers work to steal Bitcoin, USCYBERCOM shares new malware repository, HSBC bank accounts breached and IoT botnet contributes to webmail spam

9 Nov 2018 min read

5 tips to protect your webcam from hackers

Secure your privacy and keep spying eyes out of your home

4 Nov 2018 min read

BA website hijacked by Magecart. Again.

185,000 transaction details including names, addresses and card CVV numbers stolen.

26 Oct 2018 min read

US parries Russian propaganda & Magecart casts a dark spell on Magento

Yahoo pays up to settle 2 year old debacle and Avast is PCMag’s Editors Pick for 2018.

26 Oct 2018 min read

Inside the industry of cybercrime | Avast

Learn about the dark world of cybercrime as malware developers, scammers, and thieves continue expanding this billion-dollar illegal industry.

20 Oct 2018 min read

Trojans go after MS Office vulnerabilities and China hacks US hardware

Infected MS Office files abound and a tiny Chinese chip at the center of massive new conspiracy

5 Oct 2018 min read

Peekaboo! They can see you!

A NUUO zero-day vulnerability gives hackers your camera feed.

18 Sep 2018 min read

How to tell if an Android App is safe to install

The Avast Guide to Android Apps Part 1: This guide teaches you how to identify malicious apps and keep them off your Android phone.

13 Sep 2018 min read

380K British Airways transactions compromised in data breach

Payment-skimming malware was planted in the airline’s website, and all signs point to Magecart.

12 Sep 2018 min read

Atlas Quantum breach affects 261,000 users

The cryptocurrency investment platform suffered a data breach over the weekend affecting all its users.

28 Aug 2018 min read