Winter is malware-infected, and more news of the week

Beware Game of Thrones pirated episodes and a new malware called Xwo, Georgia Tech students are exposed in a breach, and AriZona Iced Tea suffers a steep cyberattack.

5 Apr 2019 min read

Fake Nike deal spreading on Facebook

Learn how to spot online scams like the ridiculous $26 Air Jordans.

4 Apr 2019 min read

When big fish get caught with big bait

23.2 million potential attacks target 500 fake IoT-like devices deployed at Mobile World Congress.

1 Apr 2019 min read

Lithuanian scam artist teaches Google and Facebook a 122 million dollar lesson

What can we learn from the man who stole $122 million from Google and Facebook without them even noticing?

29 Mar 2019 min read

Your kids’ info for sale and more news

Children’s personal data is the new holy grail of identity theft, one extreme PewDiePie fan creates strange ransomware, and UC Browser apps have weak security.

29 Mar 2019 min read

It’s tax season! How scammers try to fool you

Phishing tricks to be wary of, and 7 tips to protect yourself from scams when filing taxes.

16 Mar 2019 min read

New cybersecurity tools take a bite out of cybercrime

Chronicle teams up with Avast on a new platform and the NSA gives a gift to the cybersecurity community plus more security news.

8 Mar 2019 min read

Internet infrastructure under attack

ICANN warns that attackers are working to undermine the DNS infrastructure of the internet.

27 Feb 2019 min read

YouTube scams and Android schemes

This week the bad guys use Android, abuse YouTube, target Macs, and steal credit card info.

1 Feb 2019 min read

Hackers target SMBs in supply chain to US Power Grid

Hackers have learned that to aim for the big guys, they need to compromise the little guys.

29 Jan 2019 min read

Beating cybercrime today

Our newest guest blogger Byron V. Acohido lays today’s digital stakes on the line.

21 Jan 2019 min read

The Dark Overlord, Twitter hijackers, and other bad guys

The year’s news kicks off with cyberattacks, terrorism, and phishing. Stay strong.

4 Jan 2019 min read

Data breaches, DDoS bosses, and modem problems

This week, one data breach hit a school system in SoCal while another hit none other than NASA.

28 Dec 2018 min read