5 tips to fight mobile adware

Learn how to defend against the most common attack on Android devices.

10 Mar 2020 min read

9 tips everyone forgets to follow on their smartphone

Follow these handy tips to enjoy your smartphone while still protecting your privacy

1 Nov 2019 min read

Beware the adware, and more news of the week

A sophisticated strain of adware called BeiTaAd lurked in the background of Google Play apps downloaded 440 million times.

7 Jun 2019 min read

Mobile threats are everywhere – here’s what you can do

Even if your company issues you a locked-down smartphone, embracing best security practices remains vital

14 May 2019 min read

Why Android users must remain vigilant about malicious apps

Byron Acohido sits down with with Nikolaos Chrysaidos, head of Mobile Threat Intelligence & Security at Avast Threat Labs

6 May 2019 min read

Time to give Mom “the talk” (about cybersecurity)

This Mother’s Day, tell Mom the truth… staying safe online isn’t so hard after all!

29 Apr 2019 min read

Fake Nike deal spreading on Facebook

Learn how to spot online scams like the ridiculous $26 Air Jordans.

4 Apr 2019 min read

Your kids’ info for sale and more news

Children’s personal data is the new holy grail of identity theft, one extreme PewDiePie fan creates strange ransomware, and UC Browser apps have weak security.

29 Mar 2019 min read

Avast app earns top marks, 138 others called out as deceptive

Avast earned 100%, but these 138 other security apps are considered “risky.”

22 Mar 2019 min read

ICE under fire, SimBad the epic malware, and more weekly news

The ACLU accuses ICE of skirting the law, over 200 malware-infected Android apps are discovered, a bank bot gets a major evil upgrade, and more.

15 Mar 2019 min read

Adware hiding behind beauty filters on Google Play Store

Our mobile threat intelligence platform flagged three beauty apps that have ugly consequences. Over 2 million devices have downloaded these apps.

14 Mar 2019 min read

Fake mobile CCleaner app sneaked into the China Baidu app store

Fake CCleaner app loaded with adware

5 Mar 2019 min read

MNOs seek stronger mobile security for customers

Avast partners with mobile carriers to provide the security consumers need.

1 Mar 2019 min read
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