Block puzzles open the door to malware

Several block puzzle games in the Google Play Store now come with a side of malware.

9 Oct 2018 min read

7 new modules for VPNFilter malware, Hide & Seek botnet targets Android, and House Oversight takes on AI

VPNFilter gets powerful updates and latest IoT botnet can now corrupt Android devices.

28 Sep 2018 min read

How to manage Android app permissions

The Avast Guide to Android Apps Part 4 explains what you need to know about permissions.

26 Sep 2018 min read

How to detect and remove a virus from your Android phone

Android malware comes in all shapes and sizes; here’s how you can defend your smartphone against it.

20 Sep 2018 min read

How to tell if an Android App is safe to install

The Avast Guide to Android Apps Part 1: This guide teaches you how to identify malicious apps and keep them off your Android phone.

13 Sep 2018 min read

An Android flaw, “page-changing” malware, and more data breaches

The weekly roundup of security news this week includes vulnerabilities in Android, malware, and once again data breaches including the Huazhu hotel chain, Air Canada, and babysitter app Sitter.

31 Aug 2018 min read

Avast security products win awards

Check out the latest Avast cybersecurity awards presented by independent testing labs.

24 Aug 2018 min read

Fake app infects your Android with spyware

An ongoing Android malware campaign called Triout is recording calls, collecting photos, and reporting your location.

23 Aug 2018 min read

New Google software, new smartphone flaws, and the high cost of ransomware

Google releases Android 9 Pie, US Homeland Security finds flaws in millions of smartphones, and Atlanta taxpayers look at an expensive ransomware recovery.

10 Aug 2018 min read

Junior's First Device: Device Safety and Safest Phones for Kids

Many toddlers today will interact with a digital device before they utter their first complete sentence. Scary, right?

2 Aug 2018 min read

Mobile Apps Must Roll Back Welcome Mat for Cybercriminals

Mobile apps need to button up vulnerabilities, and become part of the cybersecurity solution.

28 Jul 2018 min read

Build-your-own banking trojan, ransomware on the high seas, and SIM card chaos

Get your weekly security news roundup from Avast. Source code to banking trojan Exobot leaked online, ransomware hits shipping giant Cosco, and SIM hijacking claims victims.

27 Jul 2018 min read

Family safety online and beyond

Raising a family in the age of the internet requires new layers of awareness and communication.

11 Jun 2018 min read
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