Security News

How to protect your account after the Dailymotion hack

The Dailymotion hack recalls the cyberattack on Yahoo last September. This time, 85 million accounts are affected by this massive data leak.

6 December 2016 min read
Mobile Security

Spam alert in iPhone calendars: What are the risks?

Cybercrooks target iPhone users with annoying iCloud calendar spam.

2 December 2016 min read
Tips & Advice

Avast releases four free ransomware decryptors

Don't pay, and don't despair. Instead, unlock your ransomed files using Avast’s ransomware decryptors.

1 December 2016 min read
Security News

Avast Home Network Security scans routers to reveal weaknesses

Thousands of Telekom customers in Germany have been knocked offline due to a cyber attack targeting routers.

30 November 2016 min read
Security News

Consumers and businesses still need antivirus software

Despite advances in OS and browser security, antivirus software is still the best defense against cybercriminals who exploit computers and mobile devices.

30 November 2016 min read
Mobile Security

Popular call blocking apps expose 3 billion users' phone numbers

The mobile phone numbers of politicians, celebrities, and billions of others are available on public databases from popular Caller ID and blocking apps.

25 November 2016 min read

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Security News

How malware and vulnerabilities get their names

You may have wondered where Cryptolocker or Heartbleed came from, and why. And does every virus and vulnerability get a name?

25 November 2016 min read
Tips & Advice

Showrooming this shopping season? Protect yourself with a VPN.

This shopping season protect yourself with a VPN when using public Wi-Fi hotspots.

24 November 2016 min read
Mobile Security

Block unwanted calls on your iPhone

New Avast Call Blocker app blocks telemarketing and unsolicited phone calls from your iPhone.

23 November 2016 min read
Avast News

Kevin Chapman joins as new SMB General Manager

Kevin Chapman, Avast's new GM of our SMB business unit, will drive results for our Avast business customers and channel partners.

22 November 2016 min read
Mobile Security

3 million Android phones vulnerable due to pre-installed rootkit

A backdoor has been discovered that could allow attackers to take complete control of certain Android devices.

21 November 2016 min read
Mobile Security

Your Android could be sending messages to China

A pre-installed backdoor on more than 700 Android devices transmits data to a server in China every 72 hours.

18 November 2016 min read
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