Security News

9 out of 10 Americans value the data in their online accounts, yet don’t do much to protect it

Avast recently surveyed more than 1,000 Americans to find out how they value and protect the data in their online accounts.

28 March 2017 min read
Business Security

After the breach: Putting your cyber house in order

Having detected the penetration of your cybersecurity perimeter, the next step is to resolve the problem and get back into normal operations quickly.

27 March 2017 min read
Threat Research

New ATM fraud makes robbing a bank easier

Innovative and infamous bank fraud groups create new security challenges for banks.

23 March 2017 min read
Tips & Advice

Your PC applications are (probably) out-of-date

PC bugs, crashes, incompatibilities, and security vulnerabilities are often caused by out-of-date software.

22 March 2017 min read
Tips & Advice

The malware business: Today’s top get-rich-quick scheme, funded by YOU

You don't have to fall victim to malware. Understanding how cyber criminals stay in business can help you avoid becoming their next unwilling "customer."

21 March 2017 min read
Garry Kasparov

A human upgrade for the digital age

It is our responsibility to find ways to embed human values into today’s technological structures to create the online discourse we want.

20 March 2017 min read

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Avast News

Avast awarded for employee friendly working environment

Happy employees and an innovative workspace earn Avast two prestigious awards.

20 March 2017 min read
Business Security

Partner or perish: Why SMBs need MSPs

At the same time the cybersecurity threatscape is getting scarier, SMBs face even greater pressures with more risks and less resources.

16 March 2017 min read
Avast News

Avast at Machine Learning Prague 2017

Avast technology is part of the next-gen artificial intelligence revolution.

16 March 2017 min read
Tips & Advice

Mac FindZip ransomware decryption tool unzips your encrypted files

Avast introduces a new decryption tool that will help Mac users infected with the FindZip ransomware decrypt their files.

13 March 2017 min read
Business Security

Cloudy with a chance of malware

The Cloud - private, public and/or hybrid - has many benefits, but security will continue to be an ongoing challenge.

9 March 2017 min read
Mobile Security

Don’t be an IRS phone scam's next victim. Start tax season safe.

Every day between now and April 15 is high season for IRS phone scams. You can block unwanted calls and protect yourself from both annoyance and theft.

9 March 2017 min read
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