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Avast congratulates #LoveYourInternet winners Eilish and Ryan

Congratulations to the winners of our #LoveYourInternet giveaway!

10 January 2017 min read
Business Security

Ransomware: A billion-dollar problem

Ransomware — malware that locks you out of your device, applications, or data — is a growing threat, but it can be dealt with using security best practices.

9 January 2017 min read
Threat Research

A new Locky ransomware attack is coming

Based on analysis of past Locky ransomware attacks, experts in the Avast Threat Labs predict that another attack is imminent.

6 January 2017 min read
Security News

Avast cyber security predictions for 2017

In 2017, the sophistication of the technology, strategies, and methods employed by cybercriminals will continue at an accelerated rate.

4 January 2017 min read
Security News

New Year's resolutions from the Avast dogs

Nine ways to make your life happier and healthier in 2017, inspired by the dogs of Avast!

31 December 2016 min read
Business Security

Phishing attacks at their highest in 2016

People are your best defense against phishing attacks and other cybercrimes, but you must educate them or they can be your greatest vulnerability.

28 December 2016 min read

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Business Security

How to provide better Windows 10 security

Microsoft’s most popular OS, Windows 10, is also very popular with cybercriminals, requiring additional security measures to maximize your protection.

23 December 2016 min read
Mobile Security

These top 10 most performance-draining Android apps might surprise you

We take a look at which apps kill your smartphone's battery, fill up its storage to the brim, and hit your monthly data plan hard.

21 December 2016 min read
Garry Kasparov

Tech’s power to promote good or evil depends on who controls it

Tools developed to create, acquire, and distribute data can also be used to gain influence, monitor, and persecute. These uses are two sides of the same coin.

19 December 2016 min read
Security News

Why do companies hide their security features? Yahoo! users have ‘account key’ at their fingertips.

More than one billion Yahoo accounts hacked. Avast shares tips on how you can protect your account.

15 December 2016 min read
Avast News

Win a new Google Pixel phone from Avast

Follow Avast on Facebook and play #LoveYourInternet for a chance to win a Google Pixel phone!

14 December 2016 min read
Tips & Advice

Which type of antivirus should you choose?

'Free,' 'Premium,' 'Default'? We help you understand the differences and make the right choice.

13 December 2016 min read
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