Business Security

Ransomware attacks hotel computer and keycard system

Ransomware attack on hotel holds computer system hostage making reservation and electronic key inaccessible.

1 February 2017 min read
Security News

Is WhatsApp safe to use, or does it have a backdoor?

News that WhatsApp has a backdoor that governments could use to intercept messages angers crypto experts and confuses users.

1 February 2017 min read
Security News

‘Clash of Clans’ Supercell forum hacked

Hackers break into out-of-date software and steal user email addresses, passwords, and other data to sell on the Darknet.

24 January 2017 min read
Business Security

Cybersecurity threatscape: Bigger and badder than ever

The Bad Guys, including malicious and careless insiders, continue to raise the cybersecurity stakes with existing and emerging threats.

23 January 2017 min read
Business Security

Shadow IT and 'No' versus 'Know'

Shadow IT has the potential to transform IT from 'too little, too late' to 'business enablement.'

18 January 2017 min read
Mobile Security

How to protect your Android device from Ghost Push

The Avast Threat Intelligence Team explains Ghost Push and how you can protect yourself.

17 January 2017 min read

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Garry Kasparov

Trump, Putin, and the dangers of fake news

Information “starvation” under closed regimes prevents informed decision making. A flood of disinformation has similarly harmful effects.

16 January 2017 min read
Business Security

Creating a culture of cybersecurity at work

People, along with tools and processes, are key to effective cybersecurity. But without the appropriate training and education they can pose the biggest threat.

15 January 2017 min read
Threat Research

Misconfigured server reveals Cerber ransomware targets users in Europe, North America

Highly effective Cerber ransomware is spread via phishing emails and demands more than $700 in ransom  

13 January 2017 min read
Tips & Advice

Facebook to help you find free public Wi-Fi. But is it secure?

Facebook is doing limited tests on a new feature to help you find free and public Wi-Fi hotspots.

12 January 2017 min read
Mobile Security

Avast congratulates #LoveYourInternet winners Eilish and Ryan

Congratulations to the winners of our #LoveYourInternet giveaway!

10 January 2017 min read
Business Security

Ransomware: A billion-dollar problem

Ransomware — malware that locks you out of your device, applications, or data — is a growing threat, but it can be dealt with using security best practices.

9 January 2017 min read
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