Alexej Savčin

11 July 2016

Tools deliver false promises to YouTubers and Gamers

shutterstock_406022581-392823-edited.jpgYouTube Subscriber Tools promise more fans than they can deliver.

If you have a YouTube account and are an aspiring YouTube star, you may have wondered if there’s an easy way to speed up the slow process of raising your channel to the top. If you’re a slow-moving gamer looking for a simple way to advance your skills, you may have wished for coins to make more in game purchases and progress. If you search the Internet, you will definitely find websites with good advice on how to promote your content and even tips on how to create good videos and how to improve your gaming abilities.

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Threat Research

Vincent Steckler

7 July 2016

Avast and AVG: A Future Together


AVG_logo-407516-edited.jpgAs many of you know, there are two security companies that often get confused: Avast and AVG. Shortly after I started as CEO almost 8 years ago, I remember giving a presentation to a large audience about Avast. About an hour later, a gentleman walked up to me and complimented me on how good the presentation was and how he enjoyed hearing about AVG. That was my first lesson in how easy the companies are to confuse.

This confusion is because the companies are so very similar. Both company names start with the letters “AV”. Both started in the late 1980s and were amongst the first few companies formed to fight the viruses and malware nearly 30 years ago.  Both are historically Czech: Avast was founded in Prague and is still based there while AVG was historically in Brno, the two largest cities in the Czech Republic. Both pioneered the free distribution of top quality security products (although to be honest, I must admit that AVG was first and we followed). Both make great security products. Both are innovators with world class R&D teams. Both have most of their users outside of their home Czech market. Both have had similar user bases for many years: about 200M each. And most importantly, both treat their users with respect and consequently each has a large and loyal user base. One slight difference though is that while Avast is a private company, AVG is public and listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

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Corporate News

Stefanie Smith

6 July 2016

Permission to punch the presidential candidates

The 2016 U.S. presidential primaries are well under way and the candidates are a hot topic in the media, social media and in real life discussions. With all the buzz, I was curious to see how Android app developers are taking advantage of the candidate’s popularity and what permissions the apps request.  So with this mission in mind, I started downloading and testing these apps.

Trump Apps – Permission Heavy

When I searched for “Trump” in Google’s Play Store, I wasn’t really too surprised to see a lot of silly apps. Mr. Trump has a certain reputation, and it seems like app developers are taking advantage of that.

Here are the top apps that appear when you search for “Trump” in the Play Store:


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Mobile Security

Gracie Roberts

1 July 2016

Stay free of online threats this Independence Day weekend


Happy (early) Independence Day! To most Americans, the 4th of July means fireworks, great food and celebrating the country’s birthday alongside family and friends.

To make the most out of this year’s holiday, it’s important to take the necessary measures to stay safe online and free of digital threats.

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Security News

Gracie Roberts

29 June 2016

Updated Home Network Security feature provides users with 360 degrees of protection

Protect your home network with Avast Home Network Security

Avast Home Network Security scans a user’s home network and routers for potential security issues.

Avast is always looking to the future to both predict and solve tomorrow’s biggest cyberthreats. As the world is growing more interconnected than ever before, with phones, TVs, home security and even thermostats being connected to the Internet, we acknowledge the importance of entire networks being properly secured.

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Security News

Ondrej Vlcek

23 June 2016

CyberCapture: Protection against zero-second attacks

This week we released a new version of our core PC antivirus product, which we refer to as the Avast Antivirus Nitro Update. The update’s name is Nitro, because it is filled with innovative, new ways to increase speed and increase protection. One of the new ways we are increasing protection is with a cool new proprietary technology called CyberCapture. CyberCapture dramatically raises the bar when it comes to protection against zero-second attacks.

IMAGE_nitro_cyber_capture_infographics_600x500px.jpgCyberCapture looks at the smallest bits of a file to determine its safety

Let me explain how it works, and take a look at the infographic below which shows the path of an unknown file.

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Threat Research

Jaromír Hořejší

22 June 2016

Retefe banking Trojan targets UK banking customers

The Retefe banking Trojan has been around for some time, targeting Sweden, Switzerland and Japan, as previously reported by Paloalto Research.

We recently noticed Retefe campaigns targeting UK banking customers. Using fake certificates, the Trojan is designed to trick victims into giving up their login credentials and other sensitive information.

At first, the victim receives a document with an embedded malicious JavaScript file per email. The document contains a very small image with a note asking the user to double click on it to view it better. After double clicking, the malicious embedded JavaScript is executed. The document has a notice message in German, however, the Trojan banker is targeting users in UK.

Retefe Banker Trojan image.pngThe JavaScript is obfuscated with

Javascript_Retefe Trojan.png

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Security News

Martin Zima

21 June 2016

What is Nitro? Our newest, high-speed version of Avast Antivirus

Avast Antivirus Nitro Update is lightweight, delivers improved performance and includes our latest CyberCapture technology with zero-second threat detection against unrecognized files.

If you own a PC, you know you hate it when your antivirus software slows you down, so we developed our latest release to be strong and lightweight, with lower system impact to keep your PC running smoothly and protect you from the never-ending attacks we all experience.

So how do we keep the Nitro Update to Avast so lightweight? One way is we use new technology that utilizes the cloud to identify and analyze threats, which means Avast Antivirus Nitro Update is light enough that it doesn’t eat up your system’s resources. Our security software is smaller in size and designed to improve speed, boot time, download time, and system performance in Windows 10.

Nitro_Laptop-614736-edited.jpgWindows 10 PCs run faster with the Avast Antivirus Nitro Update than with Windows Defender

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Corporate News

Deborah Salmi

16 June 2016

Windows 10 users need more protection than basic Defender

Windows 10 users should install Avast antivirus protection for the highest level of security.

wrong tool for the jobUsing the right tool makes all the difference.

Everyone knows that you need the right tool to do a job. When you cut down a tree, you don’t use a butter knife, you use a chainsaw. It you want to win a Formula 1 race, you don’t drive a riding lawnmower.

The same rule applies to your PC’s security.

You can’t go up against today’s online threats without the best protection. That’s why Windows 10 users need to install strong antivirus software to run in parallel with Microsoft’s pre-installed antivirus, Defender.

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Security News

Deborah Salmi

15 June 2016

Four things to do before you go on vacation

Here’s a plan to keep your mobile phone and PC safe when you’re on the road.


Preparing for a summer trip used to be pretty simple. The biggest challenge was remembering

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Mobile Security