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Mr. Robot Review: eps3.6_fredrick+tanya.chk

Stefanie Smith, 23 November 2017

Avast's weekly review of Mr. Robot, season 3, featuring Avast's Director of Threat Intelligence.

I don’t know about you guys, but this episode was an emotional one for me. As happy as I was to see Leon back, chatting away about Frasier and Knight Rider, I knew no good could come out of him being back.

The Dark Army sent Leon to take care of Trenton and Mobley, Dark Army style. Leon murdered Mobley’s roomate and then drove the corpse, Trenton, and Mobley to the desert to bury the body. In the car, Trenton tells Mobley that she never sent the email to the FBI, but she has her computer set to automatically send it to a trusted contact (anyone have any guesses as to who this could be?). Trenton managed to get out of the makeshift cuffs Leon had placed on her, but she unfortunately couldn’t drive her and Mobley to safety, having never gotten her license. She crashed Leon's Caddy.

Elliot, who was in shock after having learned that Mr. Robot’s involvement in stage 2 caused thousands of people to die, ran to Krista for help. He couldn’t spit out what he had done. Mr. Robot took control and pretty much confessed what happened to her, including being mad that his revolution had been abused by others for their own benefit.

Tyrell was placed into questioning by the FBI, but he seems to have a very good lawyer to defend him. Santiago finally breaks the news of Joanna’s death to him and informs Tyrell that his son is in foster care, adding that 1 in 5 children in foster care are abused. He threatens Tyrell, telling him that if he rats him out, he will make sure Tyrell’s son becomes a statistic.

Angela is not handling the realities of stage 2 well. She watched the news showing the attacks non-stop, worrying Darlene. At one point, she is convinced that the people are going to be okay, by rewinding the footage to show the buildings going from collapsing, to being intact.

Whiterose wants Phillip Price to resign from his position as CEO at ECorp, a position Whiterose put him in. Whiterose is upset with Mr. Price, as he apparently didn’t do a very good of a job of keeping Angela under control. Whiterose is very invested in the Washington Township plant, stepping in to manipulate Angela to halt her lawsuit and trying to have it moved to the Congo. Does anyone know what Whiterose’s connection to the Washington Township plant and ECorp is? If yes, please tweet me what it is!

Mr. Robot goes to Irving to get some answers as to why his plan was interfered with, but he of course doesn’t get a concrete answer.

Back to Trenton and Mobley: Leon brings them back to Mobley’s house where he hands them off to other Dark Army members. They bring the two into the garage, where they have two monitors set up.

Trenton and Mobley are asked to describe what they see on the monitors filled with code and charts. Trenton says it’s the FAAs next-gen IP based system. Mobley reveals IPs belonging to the Chicago, Atlanta, and LA airports are being targeted. Trenton continues by saying it’s malware targeting air traffic control systems at major airports, to which Mobley concludes that the Dark Army wants to perform a similar attack to stage 2, but crash planes instead.

Stefanie: Can something like this happen in real life?

Michal Salat, Director of Threat Intelligence: There are a number of things someone wanting to mess with air traffic could do, unfortunately. There have been a few DefCon presentations that have focused on how Automated Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) can be abused to manipulate air traffic information. We think this article from ComputerWorld does a good job of describing the various scenarios.

While I was relieved that Mobley and Trenton weren’t forced to execute the plan, what followed was heartbreaking to watch. Trenton and Mobley were both shot and the Dark Army set up the garage to make it look like they had both committed suicide and were Iranian terrorists, posing as FSociety.

Why use Trenton and Mobley? Well, it seems that this was part of Whiterose’s plan all along. Tyrell gave up their names to the FBI.

In the final scene, Dom stands in front of her Anacapa chart to draw an X over Trenton and Mobley’s photos. She then adds a post-it to the top of the board with Whiterose’s name on it and a big question mark, saying “you’re actually gonna get away with this”.

Dom has pretty good intuition, but I really hope she is wrong this time...