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Avast releases decryptor tool for AES_NI ransomware

Avast releases new ransomware decryption tool for the AES_NI ransomware.

29 May 2017 min read
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Avast releases decryptor tool for BTCWare ransomware

Avast releases a new ransomware decryptor tool for the BTC ransomware.

24 May 2017 min read
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Top 5 ways to speed up your Windows 10 computer

Don’t settle for sluggish starts and slow programs just because your computer isn’t brand-new. These 5 tips will keep your Windows PC running like it’s day one.

23 May 2017 min read
Garry Kasparov

Syncing individual privacy to global cybersecurity

While it's wise to guard data from ISPs, authoritarian governments' access to personal info is a far more sinister threat to every global citizen.

22 May 2017 min read
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Avast Wi-Fi Inspector can tell you if your PC is vulnerable to WannaCry

Avast Wi-Fi Inspector scan alerts users if their PC or another PC on their network is vulnerable to being exploited by WannaCry or Adylkuzz.

19 May 2017 min read
Security News

Meet Adylkuzz: Cryptocurrency-mining malware spreading using the same exploit as WannaCry

Avast blocks stealthy cryptocurrency mining malware Adylkuzz, which infects computers using the same exploit as WannaCry ransomware.

18 May 2017 min read

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WannaCry update: The worst ransomware outbreak in history

Avast update on WannaCry: who was affected, who was targeted, how to remove it, and more.

16 May 2017 min read
Security News

WannaCry ransomware that infected Telefonica and NHS hospitals is spreading aggressively, with over 50,000 attacks so far today

Avast protects you from WannaCry ransomware that infected NHS and Telefonica.

12 May 2017 min read
Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security Pro now includes Avast Anti-Theft

Android owners with Avast Mobile Security can now use remote controls to find lost or stolen phones, and even get a picture of the thief in the process.

11 May 2017 min read
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The ways of the hacker: Exactly how do they violate your online privacy?

How do hackers work, and can you really prevent your internet privacy from invasion by shadowy cyber criminals? Avast shares insight and solutions.

11 May 2017 min read
Avast News

Avast security ambassador Garry Kasparov speaking at 2017 re:publica

Kasparov will discuss power and propaganda in the global, digital age with Claudio Guarnieri of Citizen Lab and Amnesty International.

7 May 2017 min read
Tips & Advice

How to spot a fake VPN

You need a VPN now more than ever, but how to tell if it’s legit? Here’s Avast’s guide to finding a solution you can trust.

5 May 2017 min read
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