What is digital identity?

Most of us have a digital identity, and it’s more valuable than you might think

25 Sep 2023 min read

How to use Discord’s ‘Family Center’ to help protect your child

In Discord's Family Center, parents can now monitor their children’s online activity to a certain extent, customizing supervision to fit their needs. 

24 Jul 2023 min read

How to use Wi-Fi to get your mother-in-law to go to therapy

Your mother-in-law receiving ads for therapy is completely doable and could prove to be great fodder for humor around the dinner table at the next family reunion.

17 Jul 2023 min read

The hidden pitfalls of travel apps

A deep dive into app permissions and privacy this summer.

13 Jul 2023 min read

Your essential cybersecurity checklist for safe summer travel

By staying vigilant and following these tips, you'll be well on your way to a safer, more secure summer vacation.

14 Jun 2023 min read

Don’t panic! These scammers don’t actually have photos of you

Sextortion threats are getting a little thirsty – don’t play that game.

8 Jun 2023 min read

How to stay safe while streaming Champions League matches

Avast researchers have observed a significant increase in blocked URL attacks on match days as viewers search for free streaming platforms.

1 Jun 2023 min read

Don’t fall for it! How scammers are tricking businesses with fake invoices

Invoice scams, where employees receive requests for payment from legitimate sources or routine services, are on the rise. Learn what to watch out for.

26 May 2023 min read

How to fortify your cryptocurrency security

Security risks are one of the most significant concerns when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies, and there are several types of security risks that investors should be aware of.

25 Apr 2023 min read

The importance of independent third-party testing of anti-malware solutions

Organizations and individuals should use a combination of test results, expert opinions, and their own research to make informed decisions about which anti-malware solution to use.

20 Apr 2023 min read

Cyber spring cleaning: Your digital home hygiene checklist

From daily routines to monthly rituals, here’s to your cyber health!

18 Apr 2023 min read

How to interpret anti-malware tests

Understanding how to interpret anti-malware test results is crucial when choosing the best anti-malware software for your needs.

17 Apr 2023 min read

2FA: Why to use it — and what are the best options?

The importance of 2FA lies in the fact that it significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access to people's accounts.

13 Apr 2023 min read
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