Avast adds value and revenue to your network

Telecom networks that partner with Avast reduce churn, add revenue, and strengthen their brand.

24 Feb 2019 min read

The Next Big Opportunity for Network Providers: IoT Protection

Avast offers network providers a full spectrum of security building blocks, including IoT protection.

22 Feb 2019 min read

2019 predictions: The internet of (vulnerable) things

Avast experts walk you through next year’s most menacing IoT threats in part 1 of our 2019 predictions.

7 Jan 2019 min read

Got a Sennheiser headset? You could be vulnerable.

Sennheiser headsets are vulnerable to phishing, data stealing, and malware infection due to security flaw.

1 Dec 2018 min read

Buyer’s guide to IoT gift-giving

Start your smart device shopping here.

21 Nov 2018 min read

Hacking a smart home at Web Summit

Smart home security is our focus at this week’s Web Summit 2018

6 Nov 2018 min read

California IoT Law & UK Code of Practice

What steps have California and UK taken to secure IoT devices? Here’s what you need to know.

5 Nov 2018 min read

Seven new Mirai variants and the aspiring cybercriminal behind them

Two years after Mirai, botnets have become the playthings of script kids

25 Oct 2018 min read

Vulnerabilities in AWS FreeRTOS could compromise IoT devices

IoT security issues continue to grow, as more devices are connected

24 Oct 2018 min read

North Carolina held for ransom and Agent Tesla becomes stealthy

Android apps offer to mine unmineable cryptocurrencies and UK targets IoT vulnerabilities.

19 Oct 2018 min read

MikroTik mayhem: Cryptomining campaign abusing routers

Computing power of computers, smartphones and smart TVs connected to vulnerable routers abused to mine cryptocurrency

19 Oct 2018 min read

Torii botnet - Not another Mirai variant

New, more sophisticated IoT botnet targets a wide range of devices

27 Sep 2018 min read

Could smart speakers undo your smart home?

Avast Security Researcher Martin Hron explains why your smart speakers may be the next big target.

18 Sep 2018 min read