We scanned the world of IoT – it’s not what you think it is

Stanford and Avast researchers analyzed user-initiated scans of 83 million IoT devices in 16 million homes and found three big truths you don’t often hear about

21 Jun 2019 min read

The Internet of Thing: How a single coffee maker’s vulnerabilities symbolize a world of IoT risks

We hacked one coffee maker in all kinds of ways – even turning it into a ransomware tool and a gateway to a home network

18 Jun 2019 min read

83 million IoT devices in 16 million homes scanned in largest study of its kind

North America has the highest IoT density of any region, with two-thirds of scanned homes possessing at least one device

18 Jun 2019 min read

Best IoT Technology for Small Business

The Internet of Things can provide businesses with money-saving processes and valuable information as more innovative devices get connected.

7 Jun 2019 min read

Meet Avast and Garry Kasparov at Viva Technology 2019

Join us for spirited events focused on potential AI solutions, dangerous IoT threats, and spectacular chess wizardry.

15 May 2019 min read

What is credential stuffing, and why is my smart security camera vulnerable to it?

Protect yourself from one of today’s top threats and keep hackers from your security camera accounts

4 May 2019 min read

The state of things in the internet of things

Security is not being designed into new smart devices because a rush to market takes precedence

30 Apr 2019 min read

Time to give Mom “the talk” (about cybersecurity)

This Mother’s Day, tell Mom the truth… staying safe online isn’t so hard after all!

29 Apr 2019 min read

Get ready for the next great user interface: Connected cars

Big privacy and safety questions loom as cars and trucks begin accelerating the collection of even richer personal data than is now harvested by our smartphones

26 Apr 2019 min read

When big fish get caught with big bait

23.2 million potential attacks target 500 fake IoT-like devices deployed at Mobile World Congress.

1 Apr 2019 min read

Routers: a vulnerable opening to your home and personal data

If hackers get to your router, they can access all the connected devices in your home. Here’s what you need to know.

26 Mar 2019 min read

Like it or not, consumers are destined to play a big role in securing the Internet of Things

To instill security-by-design into emerging IoT systems, consumers must stay aware of new risks, demand appropriate levels of privacy and safety.

7 Mar 2019 min read

Build “better” ideas for a safer world at RSA 2019

Join Avast and the rest of the security world at RSA next week in San Francisco’s Moscone Center

27 Feb 2019 min read