Phishing scams pick up the phone and MikroTik routers watch and listen

Bank phishing scam calls its victims, cryptojacker Rocke expands its arsenal, and MikroTik routers hacked to transmit their data.

7 Sep 2018 min read

Avast at IFA+ Summit

The Avast team discussed the good and bad of AI and the vulnerabilities of smart homes at Berlin’s IFA+ Summit last week.

6 Sep 2018 min read

Will you still need a VPN with WPA3?

WPA3 will greatly improve router security, but it will not replace your VPN.

28 Aug 2018 min read

Are smart homes vulnerable to hacking?

Avast expert Martin Hron tells you what you need to know about the strengths and weaknesses of IoT security and the MQTT protocol that connects and controls them.

16 Aug 2018 min read

Hacking the Amazon Echo

Researchers discover that the Amazon Echo can be hacked and used as a spying device.

14 Aug 2018 min read

Staying safe in a connected world

Dark forces more than ever want to steal your digital info – embrace the tools to keep you safe online.

11 Aug 2018 min read

How to secure your smart home

As you bring more technology into your home, here’s how to secure your IoT devices.

19 Jul 2018 min read

The Internet of Things era: 6 ways to stay safe

The IoT is full of promise, but it also means more cyberthreats, so you need to stay safe.

7 Jul 2018 min read

Stay a Step Ahead of Today’s Bigger, Badder Cyberthreats

Choose your weapon: Staying ahead of the cyberthreats of today and tomorrow.

26 Jun 2018 min read

[UPDATED] Did you reboot your router yet? Make sure to do so and soon.

Many ignore everyday warnings, but this one from the FBI is one you should take seriously

18 Jun 2018 min read

Major Microsoft fixes and risky Android devices

Microsoft gives us an important Patch Tuesday, a crypto-heist affects Bitcoin value, and security experts find too many Android devices at risk.

15 Jun 2018 min read

Is your smart home a secure home?

IoT devices may make our lives more convenient, but they also make our homes more vulnerable.

14 Mar 2018 min read

Key trends from Mobile World Congress #MWC18

Learn the latest about smartphones, 5G, IoT, and, of course, security.

8 Mar 2018 min read