Avast adds value and revenue to your network

Jarret Cuisinier 24 Feb 2019

Telecom networks that partner with Avast reduce churn, add revenue, and strengthen their brand.

Our society, our countries, our planet run on mobile networks like never before. Consumers do more than enjoy telecom convenience -- they depend on it. As a result, competition to become the consumer’s preferred network is fierce. A multitude of offerings crowd the marketplace.

Q: How do you make your telecom business stand out against the competition?

A: In addition to providing top-tier, reliable, and fast mobile connections, telecom businesses can provide attractive value-added services (VAS) that include Avast security and family safety solutions.

More valuable than value-added

Consumers want differentiators that serve as proof that they’ve made the smart choice in a mobile network. With Avast mobile security protection, family safety, VPN, Smart Home, and other products and services, you are delivering  differentiation that keeps your customers safe and secure. In parallel, you will be able to enhance customer loyalty, increase engagement, and drive higher ARPU (average revenue per user).

The integration of our industry-level security into your network offering brings the following benefits:

  • Additional revenue — Added on top of mobile plans, the VAS will drive up ARPU as users find more to embrace in your premium-tier subscription rate. Plus, seamless integration with monthly billing cycles keeps both billing and payment simple.

  • Reduced churn — Increased loyalty increases customer retention, and reduces churn.  As MNOs fight for more market share, adding additional services for consumers means you can retain customers, which is always more cost effective than finding new customers.

  • Lower costs — The load on your tech support decreases when Avast becomes your security expert and mitigates security concerns for your customers.

  • Improved NPS — Your NPS (net promoter score) goes up as you build customer confidence by providing the best tools for online security.

  • Competitive differentiator — By being among the first to provide tools for smart home security, you become a mobile network operator that distinguishes itself from the rest.

Avast is a trusted partner because we have over ten years of experience partnering with telecom companies, including all four major US carriers. In addition to mobile carriers, we protect hundreds of millions of individual subscribers. Year after year, third-party labs such as AV-Comparatives and AV-TEST award our software the highest rankings.

We offer our partners security “building blocks” that can be fully integrated into their carrier apps and visually designed to reflect their brand. Combined, these building blocks form a complete spectrum of security, and we tailor the service to fit each partner’s unique needs. Our building blocks cover the following sectors:

  • On-device — comprehensive security and performance solutions for mobile devices

  • Data — traffic encryption and safe browsing for complete privacy and data protection

  • Physical — our location service, which allows you to see where your children are at any moment, as well as providing the ability to find, control, and even wipe lost phones

  • Network — security built into the carrier gateway, where all data passing in and out is filtered and evaluated as safe or not

  • IoT — our home Wi-Fi security solution detects threats to any connected device in your home network and shutting down malicious attacks before they can cause any harm

With these building blocks comes the Avast quality of service — our apps are high-performance, we monitor network operations 24/7, and offer customer support 24/7. We’re here to help you succeed by bringing customer value that helps you stand out.

Be sure to check out our first post in this carrier series, where we look at both immediate and future needs of IoT security, and how we can help you provide those as well.  Look for more articles on partner benefits, including cybersecurity, in this blog. And if you have any specific questions,  email us at partners@avast.com.

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