10 blind spots in your SMB’s cyber defense

Why having a comprehensive security posture is the best strategy.

6 Oct 2022 min read

3 ways to protect your business from ransomware

Although attacks on large companies dominate ransomware news, smaller businesses make much easier targets, as they often lack the budget to implement successful cybersecurity strategies.

16 Sep 2022 min read

Businesses get a new layer of protection with Avast Ransomware Shield

In light of evolving threats, businesses can rely on Avast’s Ransomware Shield for uninterrupted access to their systems and data.

24 Aug 2022 min read

7 effective strategies for small business growth in 2022

Small businesses have many challenges to overcome in 2022, but they can still work toward success and grow using the right strategies and talent.

5 Aug 2022 min read

How to prepare for a hacking incident

The more proactive you are, the less of an impact any breach will have on your operations.

1 Aug 2022 min read

The SMB’s guide to cyber resilience

Cyber resilience vs. cybersecurity: What’s the difference ⁠— and why does it matter?

28 Jul 2022 min read

Avast Business takes home AV-Comparatives’ Approved Business Product award

Avast Business earns high scores on protection, performance, and usability.

25 Jul 2022 min read

The importance of patching

The right program can make it much easier for businesses to automate their patch management.

21 Jul 2022 min read

Delivering a free upgrade to Avast Ultimate Business Security for existing customers

Announcing an automatic, free upgrade to Ultimate Business Security for existing Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus customers.

9 Jun 2022 min read

Introducing USB Protection to prevent threats from unauthorized removable storage devices

Protecting businesses from unauthorized data transfers and from malware entering networks via external devices.

21 Apr 2022 min read

Introducing important changes to credit card data security standards

Credit card issuers and online businesses will have two years to implement the changes.

19 Apr 2022 min read

New survey shows a widespread lack of cybersecurity preparation in SMBs

Many small business owners still aren't concerned about being a potential target of a cyberattack.

25 Mar 2022 min read

Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus ranked as AV-TEST's Top Product for Windows

Our Top Product for Windows award is a result of scoring big in protection, performance, and usability

11 Feb 2022 min read
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