What moving into the 5G era means for service providers

Avast’s Sean Obrey speaks to Light Reading’s Phil Harvey to discuss the 5G landscape and how cybersecurity is important for service providers

25 Jun 2020 min read

The 3 ways encrypted web traffic can wreak havoc for your managed security business

Part 2: Understanding SSL/TLS encrypted attack vectors

24 Jun 2020 min read

Are your managed security strategies staying ahead of encrypted attacks?

Part 1: Understanding the rise and impact of malicious, encrypted network traffic

17 Jun 2020 min read

The best small business software for Mac users

Discover the best software for small business Mac users, including endpoint protection, billing, tax and financial management tools.

15 Jun 2020 min read

Three ways to protect your IT network as you adopt digital transformation

Part 3: Using managed security services to mitigate risk

1 Jun 2020 min read

Tetiana Pasko and the secret to success for channel partners

CRN honors our Global Channel Partner Marketing Manager in its “2020 Women of the Channel” list

25 May 2020 min read

Remote working challenges: How business owners can cope

For some, returning to work might be on the horizon, but others need to prepare for long term WFH.

21 May 2020 min read

Smart Life for your customers’ new home office and WFH lifestyle

Learn how Avast Smart Life can improve your customers’ WFH life

20 May 2020 min read

How to experience modern workplace advantages without compromising security

Part 2: Understanding the cybersecurity risks of digital transformation

11 May 2020 min read

Patch Management Policies & Processes

Read our best practice guidelines for creating a new patch management policy that protects your network against common application vulnerabilities.

5 May 2020 min read

Endpoint protection in CloudCare now available for Mac

Help your customers protect their Mac devices with this new addition to CloudCare.

30 Apr 2020 min read

Are your technology initiatives keeping pace with cybersecurity?

Part 1: Understanding the security impacts of digital transformation

28 Apr 2020 min read

How can better infosec contribute to improved business continuity and make for a more cyber-resilient organization?

Learn more about the role infosec plays in keeping businesses running smoothly and resiliently in the face of this global health crisis.

27 Apr 2020 min read