Work smarter and faster with Global Policies

Katherine Little 16 Dec 2020

Announcing Avast Business Multi-tenant Management Console's new Global Policies

You asked and we listened. We're excited to announce that Global Policies are now available in the Avast Business Multi-tenant Management Console. A global policy simplifies the policy management process for organizations that have several offices or MSPs managing multiple customers. 

Policy creation, assignment, and management are now easy and streamlined. Administrators can configure global policy definitions in minutes and assign it to all sites or customers — saving them time and resources.  

Features and benefits

  • Easily scale operations and minimize maintenance 

  • Ability to create global policies and assign them to multiple sites or customers without going to the individual site/customer policy management level

  • Ability to configure and manage both global and sites policies for total flexibility 

  • Lock settings into a global policy so that only local admins can change unlocked settings

  • Manage global exclusions and customer/site specific exclusions from a single global policy, all at the same time

How to create a Global Policy

In the Avast Business Multi-tenant Management Console UI, select “Policies” on the navigation menu to the left. Then, click on the “+ Policy” button to create a new policy.

Type in the name and description of the new policy you’d like to create. You will then have two options:

  1. Create a new policy with predefined settings for Workstations and Servers 
  2. Create from an existing policy

Select your option and click the “create” button to proceed.

Review your policy settings and then define exclusions.  

Finally, assign your new Global Policy to your sites or customers.

Global policies can also be assigned to customers/sites during the customer/site creation process, where you will need to decide if the customer/site will be managed globally or locally.

Be sure to log into the Avast Business Multi-tenant Management Console today to take advantage of the new and improved Policy Management process. 

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