"When can we be together - forever?" A deep dive into emotional scamming

Scammers use psychology to create some of the most convincing internet cons – here's how to advise your customers on what to watch out for.

3 Apr 2024 min read

Flexible Billing now available in the Avast Business Hub for MSPs

An overview of our new billing options and other latest partner updates

19 Mar 2024 min read

One wrong click can devastate your small business: so what can you do?

Avast Business Web Control can help keep your business safer online

26 Feb 2024 min read

The hidden costs of pirated software: A cautionary tale for small businesses

Avast researchers take a deep dive into the dangers of downloading pirated software and explain why small businesses should avoid this tempting practice.

19 Jan 2024 min read

Small business cybersecurity predictions for 2024 from Avast threat researchers

Avast's 2024 guide for small businesses: stay ahead of evolving cyber threats and help secure your organization's digital world.

13 Dec 2023 min read

Avast launches free cybersecurity training quiz to help small businesses stay safe online

The new Avast Cybersecurity Basics Training Quiz provides training on Data Security, Identity Management, and Social Media Security

26 Jul 2023 min read

Why Whac-A-Mole is not a strategy for defending against ransomware attacks

How SMBs can effectively protect their networks from cyberthreats – without breaking their security budgets

23 Jul 2023 min read

Protecting your business: Advice to SMB CEOs from a former CIO

Here's how SMBs can remain viable and thrive in today’s digital landscape.

29 May 2023 min read

How should SMBs approach AI-related threats?

While the potential impact of AI shouldn’t be underestimated, we should also remember that most of today’s threats and exploits are focused on basic gaps in cyber hygiene.

16 May 2023 min read

Online safety lessons for SMBs from the world of sports

For small businesses as well as sports teams, making defense a priority can be the difference between winning and losing.

2 May 2023 min read

SMB cyber safety: De-risking catastrophic events

Businesses need to build enough protective measures and mitigating controls to recover and emerge stronger from cyberattacks.

26 Apr 2023 min read

Best practices for today’s IT service providers

Given that each SMB is unique, it's important that the MSP they choose can offer services tailored to their specific needs.

22 Feb 2023 min read

Prioritizing cybersecurity in hybrid environments

How SMBs can keep data and devices protected - no matter where work is being done.

25 Oct 2022 min read
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