Delivering a free upgrade to Avast Ultimate Business Security for existing customers

Announcing an automatic, free upgrade to Ultimate Business Security for existing Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus customers.

We have good news for existing Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus customers, who are being upgraded to Avast Ultimate Business Security — free of charge — until the subscription’s expiration date. Avast Ultimate Business Security is part of Avast Small Business Solutions, which includes a comprehensive patch management service for keeping systems up to date and safe. 

Security that grows with your business

The more that your business grows, the more digital security is required. Avast Ultimate Business Security offers simple, powerful, and affordable online security that small and medium-sized businesses can rely on for protection without any extensive maintenance required. It combines award-winning antivirus, data protection tools, and automated patch management, which keeps all devices and applications up to date and secure.

Our customers can keep their Ultimate Business Security managed in the Business Hub, our integrated, cloud-based security platform. The Business Hub helps businesses manage all Avast Business solutions deployed in their networks. It provides real-time visibility of threats, comprehensive reporting, and management capabilities, all from a single pane of glass.

All important patches at a glance

Another advantage for SMBs is having Avast Patch Management included with their Ultimate Business Security. Patch Management automates the patching process to save time and money. It simplifies installation and configuration and uses powerful, automated discovery and deployment features to keep businesses safe and compliant with industry regulations and business requirements. 

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"Patches should always be installed as soon as possible ⁠— at the latest within the first 14 days of their release, according to industry recommendations. However, 74% of companies cannot patch fast enough because they do not have enough staff," explains Filip Hlinka, VP of Product, Avast Business. "Including Patch Management in Ultimate Business Security allows companies to automate this process and always have the assurance that security vulnerabilities are fixed as quickly as possible. This provides a significant security advantage, especially for small and medium-sized businesses that do not have a large IT department."

Securing the devices and apps that businesses know and love

57% of data breaches can be attributed to poor patch management, and 86% of reported vulnerabilities are found in third-party applications. Avast identified a total of 1,963 patches for all devices in Patch Management in April 2022 alone, 1,126 of which were security patches containing vulnerabilities that could potentially be exploited by hackers. 

For each individual device in Patch Management, we identified an average of 9.5 patches (6.2 security patches) in April 2022 that needed to be applied. Some of the security patches found on Windows devices newly enrolled in the patch management service were even over a year old. This means that the affected devices were vulnerable for a long time, since the longer the patch is not installed, the longer the vulnerability is present on the end device.

We’re proud to have one of the largest catalogs of supported third-party applications, which automates the patching process not only for Microsoft Windows but for hundreds of popular applications like Slack, Dropbox, Google Chrome, Java, Adobe, and Zoom. 

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