Security News

Is your vacuum cleaner spying on you? Because that would suck

Your Roomba and some of your other home appliances collect a heap of personal data. Secure the privacy of your home with these expert tips.

18 August 2017 min read
Threat Research

The 5 Vs of big data for machine learning

How Avast uses big data and machine learning to protect you

16 August 2017 min read
Tips & Advice

9 cybersecurity terms you need to know

Staying ahead of the latest threats is hard. Not understanding the technical jargon makes it harder. Avast defines 9 words to know, and shares pro tips to keep you safe and protected.

16 August 2017 min read
Tips & Advice

Is your Android device getting sluggish? Find the culprits in our list of performance-draining apps

Avast reveals the Android apps that drain your battery, eat up your storage and use the most of your monthly data plan.

14 August 2017 min read
Tips & Advice

Plenty of Phishing

Know how to detect and outsmart any phishing scam.

12 August 2017 min read
Avast News

DEF CON may be over, but the challenge is still on

Avast opens its Roman-pirate themed crypto challenge to the public

11 August 2017 min read

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Security News

Protecting your online information isn’t impossible, though more than half of Americans seem to think it is

While half of those surveyed feel their data is less safe today than 5 years ago, Pew Research Center found that 84% don't follow cybersecurity best practices.

2 August 2017 min read
Garry Kasparov

Fighting hate and saving speech

Garry Kasparov on how the internet magnifies what is already a delicate balance between regulating defamatory language and allowing for free expression.

1 August 2017 min read
Business Security

Avast RMM platform for MSPs now includes security assessment

New AVG Managed Workplace from Avast offers businesses an all-in-one way to identify, communicate and resolve security risks.

31 July 2017 min read
Garry Kasparov

DEF CON Interview: The rise of AI, machine learning, and their impact on security

Avast Security Ambassador Garry Kasparov spoke at DEF CON. We talked to him and our Threat Intelligence Director Michal Salat about man-machine collaboration.

31 July 2017 min read
Avast News

The DEF CON ocean is too loud today, so listen here

Avast reveals prize and audio for its crypto challenge at DEF CON 25.

28 July 2017 min read
Garry Kasparov

Garry Kasparov to speak about the rise of intelligent machines at DEF CON

Avast’s Security Ambassador, Garry Kasparov, will be speaking at DEF CON 25 in Las Vegas on July 28th, 2017.

27 July 2017 min read
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