Security News

Behavior Shield: our newest behavioral analysis technology

Behavior Shield comes standard in all versions of Avast 2017, protecting you from zero-second threats, ransomware and other malicious programs

21 February 2017 min read
Business Security

Prevention: One-Third Of A Healthy Cybersecurity Regimen

The framework of an effective cybersecurity strategy rests on three pillars - prevention, detection and resolution - and all three are necessary.

17 February 2017 min read
Business Security

Who you gonna call? CyberThreatBusters!

Facing a growing range of internal and external cyberthreats, and a shortage of skills and resources, SMBs’ best option is to partner with CybSec specialists.

15 February 2017 min read
Security News

Avast's HTTPS scanner receives A rating

Researchers have identified Avast as the only antivirus product that does not degrade the client’s security when scanning HTTPS traffic.

14 February 2017 min read
Business Security

BYOD: Untrusted at best, compromised at worst

In an increasingly mobile-first world where most devices are personal, you must be the first line of defense protecting critical data from loss or theft.

13 February 2017 min read
Security News

The core security components of Avast 2017

We face many cybersecurity challenges ahead, but Avast is ready to confront them head on with our most powerful protection yet.

10 February 2017 min read

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Security News

Avast 2017 protects you from ransomware and other cyber threats

Avast 2017 is designed to combat today’s most prevalent threats such as ransomware and unsecured IoT home devices.

7 February 2017 min read
Tips & Advice

When are kids ready for digital independence?

Most teens want their own smartphone, but parents can have a hard time knowing when kids can handle the responsibility.

7 February 2017 min read
Security News

Avast SafeZone browser: A secure alternative to standard browsers

Protect your data and privacy when you’re using the Internet with our improved Avast SafeZone browser.

7 February 2017 min read
Avast News

Avast sponsors Virtual GP motorsports team

Gentlemen, start your engines! Avast enters the world of virtual F1 with a new motorsports team.

3 February 2017 min read
Tips & Advice

Avast releases 3 more free decryption tools for ransomware victims

Avast now offers ransomware victims 14 free decryption tools to help them get their files back.

2 February 2017 min read
Business Security

Ransomware attacks hotel computer and keycard system

Ransomware attack on hotel holds computer system hostage making reservation and electronic key inaccessible.

1 February 2017 min read
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