Spoiler: It's not the IRS calling

The IRS reports that scam calls have been on the rise in recent years, with thousands of people falling victim to them.

1 Mar 2024 min read

Watch out! There are hidden dangers lurking your PDFs

Avast researchers have discovered cybercriminals using an old medium (PDFs) in a new--and dangerous--way.

27 Feb 2024 min read

Everything you need to know about W-2 phishing scams

Defeat the scammers by educating yourself and your employees about these increasingly common tax-related scams.

27 Feb 2024 min read

One wrong click can devastate your small business: so what can you do?

Avast Business Web Control can help keep your business safer online

26 Feb 2024 min read

Why one in 20 people fall for dating scams - and how to not be one of them

Avast researchers have detected a sharp uptick in romance scams--and they're not always happening where you'd expect them to.

22 Feb 2024 min read

Here are all the red flags Charlotte Cowles missed in that viral NY Mag article

What happened with a fake call purporting to be from Amazon tricked a financial advice columnist into handing over $50,000 to a stranger.

20 Feb 2024 min read

Unveiling the truth behind AI relationship chatbots

A recent report from Mozilla found that the recent explosion of romantic AI chatbots is creating a whole new world of privacy concerns.

14 Feb 2024 min read

Show your digital devices some love this Valentine’s Day

Your device will always give you signs that it needs some TLC. Uncover how you can show your electronics some love.

13 Feb 2024 min read

A Valentine’s warning about heartbreak hackers

Dive into the world of romance scams, where emotions are exploited, money is the ultimate prize, and scammers lurk behind the mask of love.

12 Feb 2024 min read

Malicious PDFs, deepfakes, and romance scams were just some of the 10 billion cyber attacks we saw last year

Uncover the startling surge in cyber threats from our Avast Q4/2023 Threat Report. Over 10 billion attacks last year reveal the critical need to pay attention.

7 Feb 2024 min read

How to spot the bad actors this awards season

From overacting to poorly crafted characters, it’s crucial to recognize red flags in cyber-scripts, weak dialogue, and fake chemistry in online interactions.

5 Feb 2024 min read

The Taylor Swift deepfake porn is nothing new – but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be concerned

After AI-generated pornographic images of Taylor Swift went viral on X, we're left asking: What does this mean for the future of AI?

30 Jan 2024 min read

That new X cryptocurrency? It's a scam.

Spoiler: Those ads you're seeing for a new X cryptocurrency endorsed by Elon Musk aren't what they appear to be.

25 Jan 2024 min read
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