CloudCare enables 30% efficiency gain for three-person team at LGK Computers

Toby Nangle 1 May 2018

LGK Computers upsells security services and wins new business without administrative or overhead costs.

The Company

LGK Computers, based in Goshen, Indiana, is known to its client base as a one-stop technology services shop for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). With just a three-person team, the company serves its clients throughout the U.S. and Canada with a full portfolio of IT services that includes endpoints, switches, routers, and access points, as well as operating system set-up and deployment, and application installation and deployment.

According to Technology Manager Scott Feaster, “Although we primarily serve small businesses, the range of security needs and devices we support varies widely. On any given day, we may respond to a heating and air conditioning company, an auto parts business, a golf course, chiropractor, interior designer, or even a lumber yard. Some clients have as few as three computers at one main location or as many as 50 computers and servers at multiple offices. This is why we’re very proud of our ability to be an all-in-one IT provider for any SMB size or type of operation.”

The Challenge

Scott’s role at LGK Computers requires him to wear many hats — IT technician, web manager, purchasing and sales support, and web designer. He explains, “The immediate challenge for our small team is serving clients as fast as possible. We need to respond quickly and efficiently to clients’ needs. Our goal is completing service in 24 hours or less from the time we identify a potential issue or receive a customer request. This becomes even more challenging when you’re trying to stay ahead of new security threats and potential vulnerabilities across a diverse client base.”

The Solution

When Scott joined LGK Computers, he had already been a long-time AVG-Avast channel partner, and now Avast Business CloudCare is a key solution in the company’s service portfolio.

“I chose CloudCare for its cost-to-features benefits. The solution truly enables us to extend the capabilities of our small team. With access to strong virus protection, monitoring, and reporting, we can find small issues before they become large ones. CloudCare’s antivirus has caught many items that could have infected our clients’ systems.”

The LGK Computers team has yet to take full advantage of all the features offered by CloudCare, but that hasn’t slowed deployment. Says Scott:

“We see CloudCare’s potential and the value it can bring our clients. Using CloudCare, we can easily deploy from one cloud platform, continually monitor IT environments, and respond quickly using the remote support feature. CloudCare’s antivirus, content filtering, and online backup will also be critical to our network and data service. We’ve already quickly and successfully installed the solution on hundreds of client computers.”

The Results

“Using CloudCare just makes sense for our business model and client base,” says Scott. “The services are easy to deploy and manage, and the subscription model enables us to offer pay-as-you-go services for cost efficiencies. Our clients gain the benefits of comprehensive security delivered responsively. Our team gains the operational savings and the ability to easily upsell new services. It’s a win-win.” Since integrating CloudCare services, LGK Computers has enjoyed the following results:

  • Over 300 new CloudCare deployments in less than one year
  • Improved team efficiencies (up to 30%) using the CloudCare antivirus, monitoring, and reporting tools
  • Saving 40 hours each month using the CloudCare remote control service

“CloudCare gives us the confidence that we’re securing clients and staying one step ahead of issues,” Scott continues. “It helps us work efficiently, drive client value, and continue to build a strong business.”

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