How smartphones have become one of the largest attack surfaces

Our smartphone has become an extension of our person, making it a clear attack vector for scammers and hackers

11 Jun 2020 min read

The growing threat of stalkerware

Stalkerware is a growing domestic malware, with dangerous and sinister implications

5 Jun 2020 min read

Should you trust the Apple/Google contact-tracing app?

The tech giants are partnering on a tool for public good, but critics worry it will ultimately get used for predatory surveillance

29 May 2020 min read

What you need to know about email threats

As email threats are increasing in popularity, what can you do to protect your business or personal account from attack?

8 May 2020 min read

Why COVID-19 will trigger faster, wider adoption of cyber hygiene principles

We have the security tools, frameworks and even regulations to implement robust data security – for companies and consumers

1 May 2020 min read

Why cyber hygiene is crucial to resolving COVID-19

As coronavirus-themed cyber attacks ramp up, consumers and companies must practice digital distancing to keep themselves protected.

24 Apr 2020 min read

The other coronavirus epidemic: cybercrime

Cybercriminals prey on fear during the COVID-19 for their own gain.

17 Apr 2020 min read

Authoritarianism goes viral

In the midst of a global pandemic, all governments are tasked with caring for their citizens. How does this change for those under authoritarian regimes?

7 Apr 2020 min read

The disclosure of vulnerabilities and the vulnerability of disclosures

Vulnerability disclosure is an important process to keep our systems safe. What if the disclosure itself is also vulnerable?

25 Mar 2020 min read

CEOs quit Tweeting to boost security

Senior leaders see cyber as No. 1 risk; now comes heavy lifting to impose cyber hygiene in a complex environment

5 Mar 2020 min read

Balkanization and globalization: the battle for freedom in the internet

Nationalism is fueling the isolation of the internet

20 Feb 2020 min read

Iran’s revenge is already well under way

Long stretch of reconnaissance, malware plantings position Iran to carry out varied attacks on the U.S. and its allies

29 Jan 2020 min read

Keeping your part of the IoT safe

The Internet of Things is vast, complex, and filled with risk – but network security can simplify it

22 Jan 2020 min read
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