Canceling the cancel culture

Garry Kasparov discusses the chilling effect on free speech that can arise as a result of so-called "cancel culture"

8 Oct 2020 min read

Social media vs. democracy

Although it has the potential to be a powerful democratizing tool, social media can easily become another proxy

1 Oct 2020 min read

'The Social Dilemma' has trouble mixing metaphors

Despite its flaws, the film could be one small step to help us understand the role that social media plays in our lives

25 Sep 2020 min read

Credential stuffing fuels turmoil in U.S. elections, Covid-19 relief

Automated cyberattacks are torching trust in several local systems that we depend on

16 Sep 2020 min read

Life After Privacy: An important new book

The ‘confessional culture’ created and promoted by social media has eliminated privacy

10 Sep 2020 min read

Societal lessons from the Twitter Bitcoin hack

Tech giants still have a ways to go in fostering cyber hygiene

31 Aug 2020 min read

How to stay safe when signing EULAs

Do rights go missing in the space between product and service?

30 Jul 2020 min read

Redressing social injustice using AI ethics

What you ought to know about efforts to bake ethical considerations into surveillance, behavior profiling tools

24 Jul 2020 min read

Preventing cybercrime through environmental design

Applying community-building principles to improve data protection

22 Jul 2020 min read

Crowdsourcing security fixes with bug bounties

Bug bounty programs can greatly benefit businesses and are used by some of the world's biggest tech and government organizations alike.

16 Jul 2020 min read

The Authentication Puzzle

Producing a secure authentication process that keeps users happy is easier said than done, but it's necessary in order to keep them safe online.

3 Jul 2020 min read

The anatomy of a phish

Understanding different types of phishing attacks and the different triggers cybercriminals use to trick users into falling for it.

26 Jun 2020 min read

What needs to be done to protect K-12 remote classes

Parents and school officials must collaborate to operate schools like a digital native start-up instilled with a security culture

19 Jun 2020 min read
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