2020: Rise of the world's elite hackers

The geopolitical cyberwar between Iran, China, North Korea, Russia and the liberal democracies is about to get very sophisticated

6 Jan 2020 min read

What you need to know about the CVV numbers on the back of your credit card

Attention holiday shoppers: The card verification value should never be stored online

11 Dec 2019 min read

What everyone needs to know about the technical foundation of digital privacy

Efforts are progressing to preserve Public Key Infrastructure and digital certificates at the core of cybersecurity

5 Dec 2019 min read

How Bitcoin has sparked what may be a techno-industrial revolution

Blockchain technology isn’t just about crypto cash; it could be the basis for giving individuals control of their digital personas

30 Oct 2019 min read

Who owns your data? Probably not you

Supreme Court rulings show how technology and the law evolve

28 Oct 2019 min read

Twin terrors: The rising threat of credential stuffing and account takeovers

Darknet tandem takes full advantage of Big Data, high-velocity software, and automation

15 Oct 2019 min read

Sky-high concerns: Understanding the security threat posed by drones

They are susceptible to all the cyber threats that face the Internet of Things, and can be hijacked for unintended purposes

26 Sep 2019 min read

AI never forgets, so we must teach it to forgive

Artificial intelligence is listening, and that is unstoppable – but we must all safeguard the privacy of children

22 Sep 2019 min read

A primer on the promise and pitfalls of the Internet of Things

Granular behavior profiling paves the way for new digital lifestyles – and creates big privacy and security questions

12 Sep 2019 min read

Hackers set the pace in security

Criminals get a head start, but we can chase them down with laws, industry tools, and consumer protection

11 Sep 2019 min read

La Liga: Turning users into involuntary spies

There is little that security software can do when the users themselves give apps broad permissions

22 Aug 2019 min read

Does the U.S. need its own privacy law?

A look at how the GDPR model would fit with state laws and the needs of American businesses and consumers

12 Aug 2019 min read

How ransomware rose to become an enduring scourge

Poorly defended cities are getting devastated by cyber blackmail shutdowns; companies relying on MSPs likely are the next big targets

6 Aug 2019 min read
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