War and cyberwar

Real war has come again to remind us that cyberwar, for all its terrors, is not yet on par with the damage done to flesh and family by bombs and bullets.

20 Apr 2022 min read

Taking action against online tribalism

Promoting negative sentiments about good things is just as malicious and dangerous as promoting harmful things

1 Apr 2021 min read

Hate speech on Telegram is on the rise

How divisive platforms are designed and moderated

25 Feb 2021 min read

When cybercrime went from fun to financially driven

The story of how hacking activities have gone from fun to money hungry

18 Feb 2021 min read

The free speech triangle

Navigating the power of new tech, new trends and new laws that shape our society

17 Feb 2021 min read

Should we require governments to share their data with the public by default?

Here's how we could adopt a radical shift in thinking about open government data

18 Jan 2021 min read

Why societal values need to be instilled into machine learning

UK exam debacle, US pollsters’ inaccuracy show algorithms bereft of knowledge

4 Jan 2021 min read

Is your favorite mobile app being used to spread propaganda?

Hackers are using advertising trickery to seed falsehoods for political gain

22 Dec 2020 min read

Upgrading the software of democracy

Using new tools to solve the challenges that we face today

10 Dec 2020 min read

Is the user the weakest link in security?

When examining breaches, we can almost always point to users practicing poor security — how can we change this?

26 Nov 2020 min read

Pushing back against IoT attacks intensified by Covid-19

An unprecedented collaborative effort is vital to stop the plundering of IoT systems

6 Nov 2020 min read

Qanon's path from fringe to mainstream

Here's what can happen when internet culture is misinterpreted and spirals out of control

23 Oct 2020 min read

What is post-modern computational propaganda?

Understanding the various forms of propaganda that exist and how we can spot them

15 Oct 2020 min read
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