Are background checks on Tinder actually a good move?

The tech landscape is littered with good intentions that can have serious, long-lasting negative consequences

21 Apr 2021 min read

Here's what your Amazon Echo knows about you

How thoroughly do you want Amazon inside your home?

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How to add authentication to your Facebook and Google accounts

Setting up 2FA gives you the peace of mind knowing that your accounts are secure

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Happy Ransomware Protection Day (AKA World Backup Day)

Here's how and why to begin building a practice of doing regular backups

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7 tech things you need to do when leaving an abusive relationship

Auditing technology allows people to make sure they’re not being tracked by ex-partners

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7 ways to celebrate vaccination without getting your identity stolen

Getting vaccinated is a momentous occasion to share with the world — here's how to do so safely

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7 apps you don't think are stalkerware but actually are

The following apps can potentially be used against you — here's how to handle them

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Which details do we give to tech companies about our cardiovascular systems?

Many tech companies are part of a bigger “cardiovascular system” that is the internet

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What does your EufyLife smart scale know about you?

Eufy’s business model is mostly based around selling devices, not data

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What does Noom know about you?

Is the Noom weight loss app worth it?

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Why we spread misinformation — and what to do about it

The January 6 insurrection on the US Capitol highlighted exactly what can happen when misinformation gets out of control

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Stalkerware won't keep your kids safe

Why focusing on developing critical thinking skills instead of fear-mongering is paramount

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Ever wondered what MyFitnessPal knows about you?

MyFitnessPal generally uses data to deliver the services they’re promising — with a few exceptions

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