3 smart devices to improve elder care

These gadgets can assist in the ongoing care of your elderly family members

28 Jan 2021 min read

Here's what your Fitbit knows about you

Ensure that you're comfortable with the exchange of data for Fitbit's service

19 Jan 2021 min read

What does the internet know about me?

Introducing Avast's 2021 project that aims to help us take control of our digital identities

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6 simple steps for taking your privacy back from Twitter

Turning off ads, securing your Off-Twitter Activity, and more

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It takes just 5 minutes to take back your privacy from TikTok

Secure your presence on TikTok with this set of privacy-centric tips

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Privacy Refresh: Simple steps to take back your privacy from Instagram

Think twice before clicking on that Shop button

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Privacy Refresh: Simple steps to take back your privacy from Facebook

Take control of your privacy on Facebook with these practical daily tasks

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Get control of your social media with our Privacy Refresh

We don't have to be apathetic when it comes to online privacy

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How to set up a secure web server

Improving security on web servers is vital to protect against hackers and data breaches

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Tired of fake news? Here’s how to avoid it

How do you know that the news you’re consuming is accurate?

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How to set up a server for a small or mid-sized business

Everything you need to know about how to set up a network and server for your small business. From installing windows to creating a server room in your office.

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What you need to know about the CVV numbers on the back of your credit card

Attention holiday shoppers: The card verification value should never be stored online

11 Dec 2019 min read

New threats face Mac users

The commonly held belief that Macs are immune from danger is being exposed as myth – luckily, there are security solutions

23 Oct 2019 min read
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