New cybersecurity tools take a bite out of cybercrime

Chronicle teams up with Avast on a new platform and the NSA gives a gift to the cybersecurity community plus more security news.

8 Mar 2019 min read

A scam, a scheme, a breach,, some GOOD news!

Adware bundles laced with ransomware, your license plate could be online, new phishing scheme uses voicemail, and cybersecurity superheroes do good work.

28 Jan 2019 min read

Mega breach, Ring dinged, and other security news

This week’s news roundup features a data breach of over 770 million accounts, security doorbell Ring under fire, new ransomware, and more

18 Jan 2019 min read

The Dark Overlord, Twitter hijackers, and other bad guys

The year’s news kicks off with cyberattacks, terrorism, and phishing. Stay strong.

4 Jan 2019 min read

Security roundup: Hackers love healthcare, voters fall prey to the dark web

Data breached at Tomorrowland, new trojan mass harvests emails and Fortnite cyber scams run rampant

2 Nov 2018 min read

North Carolina held for ransom and Agent Tesla becomes stealthy

Android apps offer to mine unmineable cryptocurrencies and UK targets IoT vulnerabilities.

19 Oct 2018 min read

Instagram accounts frozen with threat of ransom

Learn how to avoid falling victim to the current Instagram threat or any social attack.

3 Oct 2018 min read

Ransomware attacks via RDP choke SMBs

Protect yourself and your business from this troubling new trend.

2 Oct 2018 min read

San Diego shut down by ransomware

A cyberattack on the Port of San Diego suspends public services.

28 Sep 2018 min read

All-in-one malware out, GovPayNow drops the ball on security, and more

All-in-one malware poses as ransomware, new cold-boot attack steals while your PC sleeps, 14 million government records leaked, and Newegg suffers a crack.

21 Sep 2018 min read

More phishing, Canada pays ransom, and SMBs are a target

The latest in security news: The Canadian town of Midland pays ransomware attackers and SMBs are targeted for cyberattacks.

14 Sep 2018 min read

The Essential Guide for Mac Security

Learn about the built-in Mac security software you already have, as well as other helpful tips and tools to keep you safe online from viruses, ransomware, and other cyberthreats.

20 Aug 2018 min read

New Google software, new smartphone flaws, and the high cost of ransomware

Google releases Android 9 Pie, US Homeland Security finds flaws in millions of smartphones, and Atlanta taxpayers look at an expensive ransomware recovery.

10 Aug 2018 min read