TSMC shut down by WannaCry variant

Semiconductor giant TSMC was hit with a ransomware variant on Friday, but the company claims it was not a cyberattack.

7 Aug 2018 min read

A game that cryptojacks, a town under seige, and more data breaches

Steam game found to cryptomine, ransomware locks down an Alaskan city, and data breaches continue to spring up.

3 Aug 2018 min read

SamSam ransomware can shut your city down | Avast

SamSam cybercrime group evolves their ransomware while continuing to elude authorities.

3 Aug 2018 min read

Malvertising in plain sight

Security researchers discover malvertising scheme that takes advantage of legitimate online advertising.

31 Jul 2018 min read

Build-your-own banking trojan, ransomware on the high seas, and SIM card chaos

Get your weekly security news roundup from Avast. Source code to banking trojan Exobot leaked online, ransomware hits shipping giant Cosco, and SIM hijacking claims victims.

27 Jul 2018 min read

Ransomware strain evolves, RATs cause mischief, and yet another data breach strikes

The Magniber strain is back stronger than ever, Ukraine suffers a RAT attack, and LabCorp is hit with possible breach.

20 Jul 2018 min read

Celebrating 30 years of Avast

Born at the same time as the world wide web 30 years ago, Avast has enjoyed an action-packed and storied history.

28 Jun 2018 min read

Stay a Step Ahead of Today’s Bigger, Badder Cyberthreats

Choose your weapon: Staying ahead of the cyberthreats of today and tomorrow.

26 Jun 2018 min read

Three new threats at large and one thrown behind bars

SamSam ransomware, Mylobot malware, and a new Netflix phishing scam top today’s potential threats.

22 Jun 2018 min read

Hacking iLO — take a moment to secure your servers

Ransomware attacks are as common as they are easy to produce. And we all must play a role in stopping them.

16 May 2018 min read

Ransomware victims pay up and Cambridge Analytica shuts down

A US school district gives in to ransomware demands, Facebook announces dating feature, and Cambridge Analytica ceases operations.

4 May 2018 min read

Ransomware attack: the day my world stood still

Ransomware makes headlines, but what’s it like in the office of a small business when it happens? One man tells his story.

30 Apr 2018 min read

How to protect your Android device from a ransomware attack

Android-based ransomware attacks are on the rise, but don’t worry — this Avast Essential Guide explains what to look for and how to keep your Android devices safe.

25 Apr 2018 min read