10 tips to keep your iPhone secure

Your iOS devices are beautiful, but not uncrackable. Protect them with these tips.

16 Apr 2020 min read

9 tips everyone forgets to follow on their smartphone

Follow these handy tips to enjoy your smartphone while still protecting your privacy

1 Nov 2019 min read

Fake iPhone jailbreaking scam sends users to click-fraud site

Plus, a botnet could use your PC for sextortion scams, malware is found in audio files, and a cryptojacking worm has burrowed through 2,000 systems and counting.

18 Oct 2019 min read

Mobile threats are everywhere – here’s what you can do

Even if your company issues you a locked-down smartphone, embracing best security practices remains vital

14 May 2019 min read

Hijacking the internet and more news of the week

DNS hijackers attempt to undermine the entire infrastructure of the internet… and that’s just one exploit by this week’s bad guys.

19 Apr 2019 min read

MNOs seek stronger mobile security for customers

Avast partners with mobile carriers to provide the security consumers need.

1 Mar 2019 min read

Avast adds value and revenue to your network

Telecom networks that partner with Avast reduce churn, add revenue, and strengthen their brand.

24 Feb 2019 min read

Apple issues major iOS fix

iPhone users are strongly advised to update immediately.

9 Feb 2019 min read

iPhone apps record your taps

If you’ve used these apps, your taps and swipes have been recorded and screenshots have been collected without your knowledge.

7 Feb 2019 min read

Apple gives Facebook the angry face

Apple has disrupted internal operations at the social media giant’s headquarters by stopping critical apps using the Apple Developer Enterprise Program — will it do the same to Google next?

31 Jan 2019 min read

2019 predictions, Part 2: Mobile threats

The nature of mobile attacks are changing, but you’ll be ready after reading this key data from our Threat Intelligence team.

9 Jan 2019 min read

Fitness fakes, cannabis confusion, and Facebook under fire

Phony apps, a list of 50,000 victims to be phished, and a pot store’s data breach top this week’s security news.

7 Dec 2018 min read

Malvertising scam aims at iOS

Scamclub is running a massive campaign, tricking 300 million victims and counting.

30 Nov 2018 min read
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